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The win/win for pet lovers that travel

We connect home and pet owners who need a sitter with trustworthy people who want to house sit.

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Why use to find a house sitter?

  • 5-star rated members pet sit for free. Why?It's simple! They're pet lovers just like you. With no money changing hands - its a mutual agreement - enabling like minded people to love your pets and care for your home when you're away in return for a free retreat.
  • Pets stay happier at home. Why is this better?
  • Home and garden also cared for
  • Quick and easy to choose a sitter
  • Thousands of happy pet owners have found their ideal sitter
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House & pet sitting works...

Watch our 2 minute video to see how house & pet sitting works

Dr Scott Miller, TV Presenter & Veterinarian (as seen on GMTV) Pets are far happier being cared for at home when their owners are away

Trustedhousesitters offers the perfect win-win solution to find like-minded pet lovers who'll care for your home and pets for free!

Dr Scott Miller, TV Presenter & Veterinarian (as seen on GMTV)

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Nights pets have stayed at home, instead of in kennels

Finding your ideal house & pet sitter is as easy as 1,2,3...

  1. Step 1
    1. List your needs

    Easily create your listing to match your home and pet care needs

  2. Step 2
    2. Review

    Securely receive responses from interested sitters and review their detailed profiles

  3. Step 3
    3. Enjoy peace of mind

    Choose your ideal sitter to know your home and pets will be lovingly cared for

Why become a registered sitter with

  • Meet, love and care for pets in your favourite locations
  • We connect more homeowners and sitters than anyone else
  • Find sits ranging from a weekend to a year
  • Be treated like a local and enjoy a home away from home
  • Find out about latest house sits first
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Peace of mind knowing your home and pets are well cared for...

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