Glenn and Dixie: House & Pet Sitter from Granada, Nicaragua

Semi-retired couple currently traveling through Central America

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  • Glenn (53) and Dixie (56)
  • semi-retired and semi-retired
  • Couple
  • Granada, Nicaragua
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We are a 50-something couple who have retired early to travel the world slowly. Our previous careers were in technology and the courts system for a county government. Dixie's former boss is a judge, and Glenn was required to submit to multiple criminal background checks at state and FBI levels for his I.T. position.

Why I want to housesit

We want to travel slowly through Central and South America, then eventually the rest of the world. We enjoy house sitting in new and unfamiliar places. We also want to further our Spanish language skills and meet new people and experience other cultures.

What I bring to the assignment / relevant experience

Glenn brings his technology and handy-man experience, while Dixie brings several years of veterinarian hospital and kennel experience to bear. Both of us, of course, bring our love of animals. We have owned and maintained our own homes for the last thirteen years. We both speak passable basic Spanish, refined by a year in Mexico.


  • House / Pet sitting Reference

    Angie McMeins

    I've been friends with Glenn and Dixie since 2004 and just love them. They are great friends, trustworthy, loyal and fun loving. We all lived in the same neighborhood so I went to their house many times--it was always spotless and wonderfully decorated, and their dog, Tucker, was very well cared for (read: spoiled :) As a professional pet sitter, I have high standards when it comes to pet care. I would trust Glenn and Dixie implicitly to watch my house and care for my pets. You will not regret hiring them!

    • Organised Housitter Rating - 5
    • Reliable Housitter Rating - 5
    • Self-sufficient Housitter Rating - 5
    • Tidy Housitter Rating - 5
    • Pet care Housitter Rating - 5
  • Character Reference

    Joyce Holland

    I have known Glen and Dixie for over 8 years and they are devoted, loyal friends that take on any job/adventure with 100 percent committment. Hire them and know that what you value is in the best of hands. J. Holland,Texas

    • Organised Housitter Rating - 5
    • Reliable Housitter Rating - 5
    • Self-sufficient Housitter Rating - 5
  • Character Reference

    Steve Holland

    Glen and Dixie are very reliable and trustworthy. I have known them for about 10 years and have never know them to be anything otherwise.

    • Organised Housitter Rating - 5
    • Reliable Housitter Rating - 5
    • Self-sufficient Housitter Rating - 5

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