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Sara: House & Pet Sitters from London, UK

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Housesitter, reliable and hugely responsible mature female

  • Sara (45)
  • | Honest, Responsible and Reliable Professional caring remale: Pet loving- ex TV Producer/ Project Manager/New Business Development
  • | Female
  • | London, UK
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Please note references are available from many sources, but I am new to this site.

My name is Sara, I am daughter of a top UK professor in neonatal pediatrics, now retired, leader in his field. I have been lucky enough to carry alot of responsibility in my life and have been taught to respect others and care for others and people's homes. I am friendly, easy going, now middle aged, so in quiet life mode, where I am happy to read a book or clean and make home improvements or watch a movie. I enjoy a bit of gardening and cooking and love animals too.
I drive very well, have been since I was 17 and always owned a car.

I have lived independently all my life and enjoyed travelling from time to time. Am a peaceful and confident communicator always at the end of a phone or email and totally respect how special and important a home is.

Why I want to housesit

I am seeking a house sitting assignment for February to June 2012 whilst aspects of a business I am developing can be done from afar and I feel like a change from London.

What I bring to the assignment / relevant experience

I have been a house sitter for relatives and professionals before but have spent most of the last twenty five years in business development. I have been a home owner since the age of 21 (22 years) and a landlady for 14 years so am very used to all aspects of home care and all the many responsibilities that go with that. I am very home proud, very clean, tidy and organised and communicate well whilst getting on with any locals/neighbours.


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