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I am a reliable and trustworthy individual with a huge sense of integrity and can assure any home owner of my committment to keeping a house safe, secure and tidy.I enjoy pets and treat them with affection and genuine care.. I am respectful of people possessions and property, am a tidy and self suffcient person. I maintain a healthly lifestyle and have sound common sense.

  • Lorraine (48)
  • Polcie Officer
  • Female
  • greater london, Home Counties / London, United Kingdom
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I am female in my mid forties and have been a Police Officer in excess of 20 years. I have lived in and maintained my own properties all thorugh my adult life and have had pets to add to the warmth of a home. I have a strong work ethic and consider myself to be professional and responsible. I am trustworthy beyond doubt and have a strong sense of comittment and realiabilty when helping others.

Why I want to housesit

I am looking to stay in the London area for the ease of travelling to work. This will be on a short term basis while I look for permeanant accommodation having recently moved house. I would like a homely environment which I can take care of with an added bonus of taking care of pets where applicable.

What I bring to the assignment / relevant experience

I am trustworthy and have owned my own properties all my adult life and can take care of a home and its maintainance. I take responsibilty seriously and will ensure I treat other peoples homes and possessions with respect. I am organised, clean and tidy at all times and enjoy the interaction of pets and the affection they give. I am a keen walker and lead a healthy lifestyle condusive to a steady routine and realiablity.


  • Character Reference

    Julie Young

    I have know Lorraine Winter for over 25 years, and during that time I can confirm that she is a reliable, honest, caring, pet loving and trustworthy person. She a professional woman and is always respectful of other people's property. She is a very organised and tidy individual and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a suitable house sitter.

    • Organised Housitter Rating - 5
    • Reliable Housitter Rating - 5
    • Self-sufficient Housitter Rating - 5
    • Tidy Housitter Rating - 5
    • Pet care Housitter Rating - 5
  • TrustedHousesitters.com Homeowner Reference

    Justin Scott

    Lorraine stayed at our house for three weeks over Christmas and New Year whilst we were in Australia. The house was immaculate on return and she also provided us with email updates whilst away which helped put our minds at rest. I would recommend Lorraine to anyone looking for a trustworthy sitter any time.

    • Organised Housitter Rating - 5
    • Reliable Housitter Rating - 5
    • Self-sufficient Housitter Rating - 5
    • Tidy Housitter Rating - 5
    • Pet care Housitter Rating - 5

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