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Every day, many homeowners find the ideal person to care for their homes and pets with Trustedhousesitters.com. We are the world's most comprehensive and fastest growing house sitting website. Read about our numerous accolades from the world's media, and most importantly, what homeowners and house sitters have to say about their experiences with Trustedhousesitters.com.

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Homeowner Testimonials

Homeowner Testimonials

We are overjoyed with the experience of having housesitters to mind our house and old cat for one month while we were on holiday in Europe. Our sitters arrived from Canada the day before we left giving us a chance to meet them and feel comfortable with leaving them the responsibility for our house and animal. We had been in regular Skype contact before they arrived so we felt that we already knew them. Regular email contact was maintained while we were away. It was great to have dinner with them when we arrived home. We would certainly recommend using TrustedHousesitters.com and will, I am sure, call on this service again.

Marley – Homeowner registered with TrustedHousesitters.com

We travel often and with two dogs it is sometimes a challenge to find the right people to watch our four legged family members. We discovered Trustedhousesitters.com at a trade show and they’ve been a helpful resource ever since. In addition to great people who truly love animals, we feel better knowing we have someone honest watching our home while we’re out of town. The ratings system and references from previous house sitting assignments on the site helps us to evaluate who would likely be the most ideal house sitters, giving us peace of mind when we’re away.

Karen – Homeowner registered with TrustedHousesitters.com

I found TrustedHousesitters.com through a newspaper article, and decided to give it a go, because previous attempts through friends, family or 'professionals',  to get the cat, house and garden looked after, proved to be at best expensive, and at worst unreliable.  We had a number of swift responses from REALLY nice people, and chose a couple who turned out to be a major "find".  We came back from our trip to a contented cat, and a house and garden in a better condition than we left it.  Encouraged by this we have booked a much longer trip away, and had an identical response. We feel as if we are the winners, and it appears our house-sitters think the same way!!

Peter – Homeowner registered with TrustedHousesitters.com

Having a housesitter from Trustedhousesitters.com has worked out very well for us. Initially we were a bit stressed about having someone in the house because I had to clean it from top to bottom and be tidy!! As it happens we found Erica who has sat for us twice and best of all she is now a friend and Mischief the cat loves her. She cannot sit for our long housesit in September, but we are in touch with a couple from Merseyside. We hope to meet in the next few weeks so they can see where we live and hopefully they will come and stay in our cottage.

Joode - Homeowner registered with TrustedHousesitters.com


House Sitter Testimonials

House sitting testimonials

Jason and I are currently on a fabulous housesitting job in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is for 6 weeks, and after 2 weeks of being here we are having a blast!  We are from Australia, and I have always wanted to come and work/live in Dubai, but Jason didn't really know that much about the country so this housesitting assignment was perfect!  It gave us the opportunity to have a look around and for Jason to decide if he would like to live/work here also. We are looking after 2 dogs and a cat and they are such great pets, it has been fun to have a makeshift 'animal family' for these few weeks. Thanks to TrustedHousesitters.com we have been able to come and discover/explore an amazing country!

Rasha and Jason – Australia

I am a 48 year old lady, since my recent divorce I have turned my life around completely and no longer have the high powered job in the city. Home and Pet sitting is what I now do and on average I am booked up 7-9 months of the year. With no home commitments to speak of, I have thrown myself into this job with great passion. I have the best job in the world and thanks to Trusted House Sitters and Andy I have had many new clients.

Nicki – UK

As a retired Aussie woman on a limited income I felt I had really hit the jackpot when I arrived at my first housesit in Nottingham, UK.  The owners were warm and very welcoming and their home so comfortable I felt I was experiencing a home-away-from-home.  The main attraction and the reason I applied for this sit was their 3 cats, Kermit, Rhubarb and Crumble, all characters in their own right.  I only have another week to go and I’ll be sad to say goodbye.

Elizabeth – Australia


Combined Homeowner & House Sitter Testimonials

Combined Homeowner & House Sitter Testimonials

I'm a registered home owner and sitter with www.TrustedHouseSitters.com based in BC Canada. I've had sitters looking after my lovely home (my standards and expectations are very high) from all over the world with amazing success and great satisfaction. TrustedHouseSitters helps with their concise information and FAQ's.

I volunteer with the SPCA and also the Canadian Springer Spaniel Rescue. Having decided not to have another puppy after losing ours three years ago, our pleasure comes from giving love and care to pets who may be missing their family.

I currently have a couple from Oz in my home and I'm house sitting in Up State New York. I was (previously) sitting in the UK, Australia, NZ and back to the UK before returning to Canada. I started house sitting four years ago, quite by accident really.

I've had sits lastly a few days, others a few months, some with pets, some without, every one has it's own uniqueness, every home owner different needs but one constant remains they all need PEACE OF MIND that all is well back back at home.

This really works but don't just take my word for it, potential sitters browse the homes, home owners the sitters, there is someone to suit everyone, you'll be amazed at just how many brilliant people there are to look after your precious pets and belongings.

If I were to rent a home here in NY State for three months, during the summer, I'd find little comfort and location below $1500 per week, car rental would cost minimum $140.00 per week, without insurance, a Four Star Hotel, minimum $275.00 per night, without restaurants, laundry, car parking, taxis etc.

I have NONE of those costs, I bought an airline ticket, groceries and gas (petrol)

As a home owner my sitters pay towards utilities, a personal agreement we have, my Insurance Company is satisfied and not penalising me by increasing my premiums (standard practise in Canada when a home is left empty) the garden is kept immaculate without incurring costs everything is cared for, all of the time and I don't have to rely on someone “popping in” once a week, leaving a key with a neighbour, power cuts, mail piling up etc, etc. And because I have no pets my sitters are free to explore the beautiful Province of BC I don't mind if they do two or three night trips away, they have my car to use! It's a win, win, situation.The world is still our oyster!

Andy Peck and his TrustedHouseSitters have got it just right....in my humble opinion:))

Angela and John – Canada