The Family That House And Pet Sits Across The Globe - Gary & Laura's Story

Laura O’Grady and her partner Gary Shiels and their family from Bridgend in Wales joined TrustedHousesitters community last summer with the hope of broadening their children’s horizons. They loved it so much they completed six consecutive house sits in the summer of 2017!

The Winner of Moments & Memories #LivingTheDream is Revealed

Over the course of the last few weeks the team here at HQ have been delighted by all the house sitting stories submitted to the Moments & Memories competition. Click here to see the winner of the #livingthedream category!

Alison & Bruce - Tracing Our Heritage From Australia to England With TrustedHousesitters

When TrustedHousesitters members Alison and Bruce set out to book a once-in-a-lifetime family trip to England it soon became apparent that the high cost of international travel and her parent’s health concerns could jeopardise their plans. Read their story to find out how house sitting helped them follow their family tree to England, UK.

5 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Children For House Sitting

At we know that house sitting is a wonderful way to travel and visit new places as a family. We even created a family filter so that you can quickly and easily find house sits which are suitable for your family.

Tips for house sitter families

With family travel budgets being squeezed it's all too common for families to go without a well deserved vacation. But families like the Wagoners, from California, have discovered that it is possible to travel and see the world without spending a fortune. They offer their help as house sitters - looking after homes and pets free of charge - in exchange for great accommodation. They are very happy to share their story and some top tips for house sitter families.

How To Enjoy A Budget Family Holiday

The Abrams family enjoy house sitting around the world via - read their story here...

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