5 things that would happen if cats ran Christmas

Danielle Petch

Cats truly are a wonderful addition to the household — any cat owner could tell you that. They could probably also write you a whole book on all the funny, cute, endearing, aww-inducing — and sometimes, downright bizarre — quirks and habits that their little feline friends possess. 

So, with the festive season just around the corner, it got us thinking: how different would Christmas be if our adorable feline overlords took over this year? Here are five things we think would happen…

1. You can forget about the presents this year...

Because any cat (or cat owner) knows, the box it came in is the real treasure! 

A tabby cat sitting in a cardboard box

Photo credit: @autumn_petsitter

2. You can stop reading all those ‘how to protect your Christmas tree from your cat’ articles

Because this year, they will have no protection. “Those baubles are MINE!”

A cat sitting inside a Christmas tree looking alert

Photo credit: Andréas Brun

3. But, we can keep the post-Christmas dinner nap

There’s a reason it’s called a ‘cat nap’, after all…

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A cat laying down in bed with blankets covering him

Photo credit: @laudermay

4. Mistletoe would be replaced

Because not only is bad for cats, they much prefer catnip…

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5. Lastly, there shall be NO working over the holidays…

Because this Christmas, your attention should be firmly and fully on me… and also because your laptop makes a great second bed…

Photo credit: Trà My

We’d love to hear how you think Christmas would be different if cats ruled the roost. Share your funny cat photos and stories with us on Facebook or Instagram

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