Meet our Winners of 5 Free Years of Membership, Nina and Helon

By Sally Keegan | News

For a limited time only, successfully refer your friends and you'll have the chance to win a prize every time, including free months and years of membership, and memberships that last a lifetime! Here we have our lucky 5-year membership winners, Nina and Helon!

We were beyond excited when we read that we won a 5-year membership! We can't believe it, it's amazing!”

Last year, Nina and Helon became TrustedHousesitters members, and haven’t looked back since. Currently travelling around Asia, the couple has discovered incredible places, all whilst looking after some adorable pets.

We've house sat in China, South Korea and will soon be going to Thailand. We are currently in Taipei and are already super excited for our next house sit!”

Nina and Helon’s house sitting adventures kicked- off in Chengdu, China, where they got to look after Tom the cat and Chester the dog.

“They were both incredibly lovely and we greatly enjoyed hanging out with them. Walking Chester in the morning and in the evening was one of our favorite parts of the day. I would always feed him around 6 AM and the minute I'd opened the bedroom door he'd be waiting and ready for his food.”

We explored the city, went to local vegan restaurants and really just enjoyed spending time with Chester and Tom. Although Tom was a little shy when he first met him, he quickly warmed up to us and ended up watching us whenever we had food at the dinner table. During the day we always played ball with Chester and the evenings were oftentimes spent cuddled up on the couch”

The couple are now on a one-year long adventure, which started in January, enjoying the sights (and pets!) that Eastern Europe and Asia have to offer.

“We are going to make our way back to Europe in a couple of months. We love slow travel, living like locals and greatly enjoy hanging out with pets - which is why TrustedHousesitters is perfect for us. In the distant future, we plan on exploring more of China, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines .. the list is literally endless .. there are so many places we'd love to explore! “

We’re going to keep in touch with Nina and Helon during their next year of adventures... and beyond. If you'd like to also, check out their websites;

Helon's Website:
Nina's Website:

And don’t forget, there is still time for you to win some incredible prizes each and every time you successfully refer a friend,  including one more lifetime membership!

If you'd like to see more of Nina and Helon, check out their profile here.

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