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By Sally Keegan | News

For a limited time only, successfully refer your friends and you'll have the chance to win a prize every time, including free months and years of membership, and memberships that last a lifetime! Here we have our lucky couple who've won two 5-year memberships after referring multiple friends!

Mark and Maria are very experienced house sitters and seasoned travellers. Originally from the UK and Spain respectively, they were in their mid-30s when they sold their house in England, along with everything else they owned, and waved goodbye to the rat race as they embarked on a 21-month backpacking trip around the world.

Although they later settled in New Zealand for a few years, the travelling bug never left them. So in 2014, with no children, no pets of their own, and location independent jobs, they decided to do it all over again! This time they wanted to travel at a slower pace, avoiding loud hostels and impersonal hotel rooms, and house sitting provided the perfect solution for living a more nomadic lifestyle, getting to experience new parts of the world, whilst still having a homely environment to live in.

Since joining TrustedHousesitters over 4 years ago, we have enjoyed visiting ornate Buddhist temples in Thailand, going for walks on golden beaches in Australia, strolling around history-filled streets in Italy, wandering along mountain paths in the German Alps, sampling delicious chocolate in Belgium, watching a West End show in London, and much, much more."

"More importantly, TrustedHousesitters has provided us with an opportunity to “give back”; not only do we truly enjoy giving our hosts complete peace of mind during their holidays, we also enjoy taking part in community initiatives (such as beach cleanups) in the places where we house sit, which enables us to feel like locals and meet new people as well."

"Even more rewarding are the opportunities we have had to indulge in our love of cats (we travel with our favourite cat toys!) and to practise our ever increasing knowledge of cat behaviour and psychology, something we are both very interested in. Whilst we have always loved cats, it was whilst volunteering at the SPCA in New Zealand that we discovered we had a real affinity for them.

We have been able to use the skills we have acquired along the way to help cats in our care with a variety of issues. The one we are most proud of is Fergus, who went from living in a cupboard to strutting around the house, playing with toys and exploring in the garden with the other cats of the house. 2.5 years on, he continues to thrive and we couldn’t be happier!"

"Looking ahead, we would love to care for homes and cats in every country in Europe, return to New Zealand for a long visit, travel to cat-crazy Japan, volunteer at a cat shelter again and, once our work schedules no longer conflict with the different time zones, find house sits in the Americas as well. It makes us look forward to our retirement even more!"

"Thank you TrustedHousesitters for all the wonderful memories and new friendships you have helped us create, we look forward to many more over the next 10+ years of TrustedHousesitters membership!”

We absolutely loved hearing from members Maria and Mark about their time using TrustedHousesitters. And we just had to add this fantastic snippet from their interview... "by the time we complete our next 2 booked house sits next month, we will have done 29 house sits and cared for 41 cats through TrustedHousesitters!"

That means many happy pussycats, and plenty more to come!

And don’t forget, there is still time for you to win some incredible prizes each and every time you successfully refer a friend,  including one more lifetime membership!

If you want to read more about Maria and Mark and their housesitting adventures, check out their website.
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