Meet The Winners Of Our Pets Unlock The World Competition

By Liam Beauchamp-Jones | News

At the start of the year, we asked our global community to unlock their world by pledging to travel more in 2018. In return, we promised to deliver hundreds of thousands of new house and pet sitting opportunities to the site, opening the doors to new adventures and making it even easier for people to tick off those bucket list destinations.

Anna and Charlie did exactly that, and pledged to see more of Canada by extending their membership to TrustedHousesitters for another year during our January sale. Because of their commitment, Anna and Charlie won two flights to anywhere in the world! When we called the pair to announce that they had won, they were understandably speechless.

Originally from Poland, the pair met in the UK  in 2015 and after discovering they had a shared loved for pets and travel, they set off on an adventure around the world!

They spent a year travelling across Asia and Australia before deciding they wanted to enjoy a more authentic travel experience by living like a local. They headed to South America from Australia which is where they stumbled across TrustedHousesitters. They had found the perfect combination of travel and pets and since 2016, they have completed 16 sits across the United States and Canada, caring for cats, dogs, ducks, horses, and llamas!

After regaining the ability to speak and with a pair of plane tickets now in their back pockets, we were able to catch up with them to find out a little bit more about their TrustedHousesitters adventure and what they plan on doing with their prize.

Where will you travel using the competition flights?
It's a very difficult question, actually! We're completely surprised and have millions of thoughts in our minds. We're taking into consideration French Polynesia or the islands near Africa, maybe Madagascar…. we'll see! Definitely, a country with a warmer climate than Canada (where we currently live) for a bit of a change.

Will you be using the flights to travel to a house and pet sit?
That's the plan! We love exploring new places so we are looking for sits in new locations.

What has been your most memorable experience of house and pet sitting?
We've done a lot of house and pet sits and every single one was an amazing experience for us. We’ve meet some fantastic people and their pets. If we have to pick just one, the most memorable would have to be house and pet sitting in Seattle with a cute, 2-weeks old kitten called Chuckie. We spent every single second playing with him and he was growing up in front of our eyes. He is a big boy right now!

What motivated you to start house and pet sitting?
After 9 months of traveling through Asia, we were a bit tired of being on the road all the time. We needed some time to relax and some time for ourselves, and ideally some time to explore new places like locals. We love animals, we always have! We read about house and pet sitting somewhere on the internet and we realised it was the perfect combination for us.

What is the biggest benefit of house and pet sitting to you?
We could stay in one place for longer and for free, enjoying the pet's company and helping the pet owners at the same time. Win-win. It's also a nice break between our intensive travels.

How long do you plan on staying in Canada for?
Originally, we planned to stay here for only about 3-4 months, but then this was extended until August this year. Canada, especially British Columbia, is a never-ending playground so we are staying longer than we expected...

Anyone who has ever visited BC, knows this feeling...!

Although you are now settled in Canada, are you going to carry on house and pet sitting whilst you are there?
Of course! Our very last house sit was a month ago, here in Vancouver. We also want to become hosts, not only house sitters, like before. House sitting is an ocean of opportunities, it helps you to travel longer and experience places more like a local, not a tourist.

We will be keeping in contact with Anna and Charlie over the next couple of months to find out where they end up using their flights. Watch this space!

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