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This new year, we’re encouraging our 700,000 strong community to unlock their world by pledging to themselves and their friends that they will travel more in 2018.

Motivational specialists agree that if you share a goal with someone close to you, it is more likely to be achieved. So, we’re challenging you to make a travel pledge online using the hashtag #UNLOCK2018 and to tag your friends to help make sure it becomes a reality!

A pledge could be simply to travel more, or to go somewhere very specific that has always been a dream. We’ll publish the best pledges on our special page to encourage the other hundreds of thousands of registered users to do the same.

You can write your pledge, share an image or even film a short video. Whatever works for you.  2018 is the year where you pledge to yourself that you will travel more and let pets unlock your world!

“In 2017, pets unlocked my world and gave my life purpose through pet and house sitting. Last year, I completed 20 house sits across America, Canada and the UK where I met wonderful people, visited amazing places and experienced a heart full of pet joy. Pets have unlocked my world and helped heal my heart after losing my own beloved dog. In 2018, I pledge to help keep even more pets happy at home across Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world, perhaps there’ll be another springer spaniel .. or two.”
Angela, TrustedHousesitters Social Media Manager #UNLOCK2018

“We pledge that during 2018 we, as house sitters, will strive to make every house sit during 2018 a pleasurable and memorable experience for owners, pets and ourselves and will truly embrace each opportunity that we have been given.”
Debra and Peter Holst, Australia #UNLOCK2018

“My pledge this year is to do a pet sit in New York in May. A big ask I know, as so many other people want to do New York as well. But this year .....I am determined.”
Jay, New Zealand #UNLOCK2018

“Our pledge is to travel more in 2018 spending time with our children and grandchildren who are spread around the globe. From Australia to Europe, we rely on TrustedHousesitters to enable us to see our family whenever we want to in the knowledge that our other ‘children’ are well cared for at home!”
Tamsin and Richard, United Kingdom #UNLOCK2018

Enjoy reading more pledges from pet and travel lovers around the world here!

Through these pledges, we’re hoping to raise the importance of a modern day pet care issue. So many people struggle to travel, when there is a really good solution which is global - an in-home sitter through the TrustedHousesitters network. Someone who will love your pet and look after your home as if it were their own. Sitters can then travel the world looking after furry friends, while owners can travel more. Our members travel two times more than the average pet owner!

Our MD Tim says, “by encouraging our members to share their pledges, we know that the world will be unlocked by even more people in 2018. Pet and travel lovers of all ages and from all walks of life can find travel freedom with TrustedHousesitters and we hear hundreds of stories every week from people whose lives have dramatically improved through being able to leave pets when vacationing and having peace of mind.”

The pledge drive accompanies our 2018 promotion “Pets Unlock the World” where we are offering 25% off paid annual membership to help towards your goals. As a further commitment to help you unlock the world through pet sitting in 2018, we're also holding a prize draw so that any memberships purchased will enter members into a competition to win flights to anywhere in the world!

So make 2018 the year you unlock travel freedom...join now with 25% off!

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