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When it’s time to go away, sometimes the thought of what your precious pooch will do while you're gone can be rather stressful. If you’ve decided that dog boarding kennels are just too upsetting — for both you and your furry friend — it’s probably time you look for an alternative. If you’ve heard the idea of ‘dog sitting websites’ floating about among your pet owner pals, you may want some advice into how it works.

We know the feeling of jumping into the unknown — you open up your internet browser before tip-tapping away on your keyboard. That’s where we come in, to help guide you through the various types of dog sitting websites you have at your fingertips.

Firstly, why dog sitting?

With hundreds of millions of dog owners across the globe, it’s no wonder so many are looking for an alternative to putting their pooch in kennels. These can be unsettling environments, which put both the owner and dogs minds into overdrive. But imagine being able to travel with peace of mind, knowing that your dog can stay at home in their own environment surrounded by their usual smells and snoozing spots?

And if that isn’t enough of a reason to love dog sitting...

Undivided attention

We know your dog will love the constant attention they get from an animal-loving sitter. You’ll even be surprised to hear some sitters will give your trusty companion more attention than you even do — but don’t fear, all this means is you come home to a beaming sitter and an even waggier tail.


With thousands of dog sitters across the globe waiting to care for your pets, it’s highly likely there will be one available to care for your dog. Whether that be a local sitter or someone who travels to you from further afield, you can book your vacation for a time that’s right for you and be assured that your dog will be cared for at the right time too.

Personalised for your pup

Your dog sitter is there to care for your dog. That means they stick to their exact routine, keeping the morning walk at promptly 8am and dinner dished up by five in the afternoon. And if your furry friend has any special medical requirements, your dog sitter will happily adhere to them too. Your furry friend is at the forefront.

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Which dog sitting website is right for me?

Now you’ve found out why dog sitting will be the best solution, let’s sniff out which website will be best for you...

Dog sitters who charge

This type of dog sitting website probably didn’t come as a surprise to you. Many dog sitters will watch after your four-legged friends for a living. They will normally have an hourly rate but this can vary depending on the sitter’s experience, length of your trip or if you have multiple mutts. If you’re interested in understanding how much dog sitters charge, it’s normally best to contact them directly. Dog sitters who charge can be found through many mediums, whether that’s a neighbourhood noticeboard or a larger dog sitting website.

For the love of pets…

There are some dog sitting websites that offer the chance for their sitters to go house sitting purely for the love of pets. That’s right, money is not exchanged between pet owner and dog sitter. They’ll simply love the opportunity to spend time with a playful pup and fill the dog-shaped hole in their heart. This means your furry companion gets to stay safe at home, while you travel with peace of mind knowing they are being looked after by someone who truly loves pets.

All of TrustedHousesitters’ sitters do it simply for the love of pets. Just pay an annual membership — to cover all the important bits — and then the year is yours to be filled with adventures that keep pets happy at home. These dog sitters will come to stay in your home and essentially step into your shoes, meaning your dog doesn’t get any nasty surprises. And don’t worry if your pooch has a feline friend on board — TrustedHousesitters is here for all pets. Whether it’s dogs, cats, rabbits or rats, you name it, TrustedHousesitters have cared for it.

Your place or mine?

Dog sitting websites can offer both the opportunity for the sitter to stay in your home or invite the dog to spend time at the sitter’s home instead. If the sitter is keeping the dog at their own home, we suggest checking their house is suitable for your pup by carrying out a thorough check — after all, your dog deserves the best. Read our top dog sitting tips where you can find an in-depth guide into how dog sitters adjust to your precious pooch’s needs.

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Think you’re ready to find your ideal dog sitting website?

We hope this makes you feel more confident in starting your journey with dog sitting. Now don’t be afraid to get searching and finding out the next steps to keeping your best furry friend happy while you’re away.

Have more questions? Great! Our Membership Services team is on hand to answer any of your dog sitting queries. And with a team of people who are all pet sitters themselves, there is no greater team for the job.

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