5 Most Friendly Dog Cities In The World

Kelly Jones

5 Most Friendly Dog Cities In The World

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”—Josh Billings

With man comes man’s best friend.. and what other best friend than a pooch.

This week with TransferTravel.com, I am going to be talking about some of the most dog friendly cities in the world. Places which you and your dog can enjoy easily and equally. TransferTravel.com is home to all types of travel bookings to help you book that perfect trip away for you and your dog, from train tickets to camp site bookings! Don’t have a dog? No worries, you can visit new places and house sit dogs & cats with TrustedHousesitters!

So starting in no particular order comes The City of Lights- aka Paris.

Most restaurants and cafes are dog friendly and for those shops and bars alike that don’t allow dogs inside, many have suitable hooks to attach your dogs lead to. As general rules go, most handbag sized dogs are allowed in most establishments.

The majority of hotels also allow dogs and provide special pet services such as water bowls. although some do charge a fee per night. The only place that all dogs are 100% not allowed are all the museums and surprisingly a lot of the city parks. Fancy housesitting a French Bulldog in Paris? You can fly to Paris for £110 for two people!

Next up is London, which may not be an obvious choice. But coming from London and seeing plenty of dogs on a daily basis it makes more than enough sense that dogs don’t do too badly in the UK capital. But why? To start of with as long as you can carry your dog on an escalator, its completely free for them to travel on the tube as long as they are kept on their lead, likewise with buses. Unlike Paris, there are plenty of parks where your dog can stroll alongside you and roam free off the lead such as Hyde, Richmond and Regents. London too does offer several pet friendly hotels. Some casual bars may too allow your dog and even give it a bowl. You can look after a chocolate labrador called Reggae over the Easter holidays in London with TrustedHousesitters! Get a train from Cardiff to London for just £19.

Upon researching this piece, Amsterdam also appears to be a popular favourite amongst dog lovers. Why? Transport is easy with all being free expect for trains which will charge you €3 a day. Similar to Paris, dogs are not allowed in the majority of museums and churches. Although a lot of food establishments allow pets there is normally a clear sticker on the door if that isn't the case. Most mid range hotels also accommodate dogs, whereas many high-end establishments and hostels do not. Fly to Amsterdam from London for £30 with TransferTravel.com! There are always pet owners looking for a sitter in Amsterdam, they go fast so keep an eye out!

Taking a trip across the Atlantic and into the state where everything is bigger. Austin, Texas is well known for accommodating dogs. Dogs are allowed in most bars and restaurants. When googled there a heaps of posts with long lists of various establishments, some which even include dog parks. To mention Yard Bar and Austin Terrier which serve ice pops for your pets. As far as accommodation goes, Austin will have you sorted in all types of establishments. Catch an Amtrak to Austin , TransferTravel has a $346 voucher that is available to buy for $300. You can then look after Lucy the friendly lab with TrustedHousesitters!

Staying stateside and last but not least comes the city that never sleeps. NYC! Not only the home of Shake Shack and the ‘Pooch-ini’ along side other savoury options but a city full of dog parks and fancy leads.

Several hotels accommodate dogs and several of them are free, though a couple do incorporate a cleaning fee or a small additional charge. Dogs are also welcome at several tourist attractions such as Ground Zero, the majority of Central Park and Grand Central Terminal. Bars and other eateries may not be so accommodating so it’s more of a guessing game/ chance when it comes to dining out. If you are looking for a pre-Easter break, TransferTravel has two flights for £750, London to NYC! You could also stay in a city apartment for free in NYC if you wish to sit a dog whilst their owner is away.

Although getting your dog to these places may be a bit of effort, what with passports and injections etc.. all 5 of the cities mentioned above are fantastic in what they offer for your furry friends. That being said the majority of dog friendly cities do prefer to accommodate the smaller variety so thats always something to bare in mind whether travelling, on holiday or planning a big move!

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