Slane, Ireland
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Nadia Whiston Battersby
Home & pet owner

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Hello! I am Nadia. I am a graduate of the University of Manchester where I studied English Literature. I have been working in London in the publishing industry, however I am aiming to do an MA in English Literature and hoping to carry on

Home & location

Kate'sfield sits at the heart of the Boyne Valley, the horses paddocks overlook the ancient monument Newgrange - for anyone who does not know, Newgrange is older than the pyramids and its closest counterpart would be Stonehenge in England

  • Apartment
  • Disabled access
  • Basic WiFi
  • Beach
  • City
  • Countryside
  • Sitters need a car
  • Use of car included


As you can see from the ages profile, most of our horses are categorically 'elderly'. I hate to say that but it has now to come a time when that is true. I have grown up with these animals, Jinny being the eldest at now 35 was my first

Meet the pets

  • Sophie

    Irish Draught

    24 years

  • Speckles

    Connemara Pony

    19 years

  • Jinny

    Connemara Pony

    30 years

  • Mr Darcy


    25 years

  • Hero

    Selle Français

    10 years

  • Joshie

    Irish Draught

    10 years

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