Sea, sun, art and food in Italy, in Ravenna.

Ravenna, Italy
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Home & pet owner
Currently no sitter needed
Currently no sitter needed


A family maisonette in Italy, very near to the sea, 8 km. north from Ravenna, with 2 potato dogs needing cuddles.

Home & location

This maisonette is my summer sea-home. Have 3 floors and one downfloor, 4 bedrooms +1, 3 bathrooms (2 showers and a Jacuzzi, but I need to fix it up), one large kitchen and a living room. There’s a balcony where you can dry your clothes

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Althea and Cipo just need basilar dog things: dry food (main in the morning and something little in late afternoon), water on disposal ever clean, one relaxing walking once a day (twice if you like) and a lot of cuddle and human

Meet the pets

  • Althea, female, 15 kg.


    4 years

  • Cipo, male, 5kg.


    1 year

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