Pet sitter for low maintenance pets in June!

Novi, MI, US
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Home & pet owner
Currently no sitter needed
Currently no sitter needed


Hey! My name is Danielle and I’m 27 years old. My hobbies are photography, running, church activities, and cuddling with my pets! I’m currently in a long distance relationship and it can be challenging to find a pit sitter when I need to go

Home & location

I live in a one bedroom apartment in Novi, Mi less than half a mile away from planet fitness, a Kroger, pharmacies, and some restaurants. The bathroom has a double sink. Dishwasher, WiFi, garbage disposal as well. The complex has an area


I have a cat and a chi mix dog. My cat is very low maintenance. She just just needs a clean litter box, to be fed twice a day, and she loves to be brushed and have a good cuddle. My dog is a little older so if I’m gone longer than a hour

Meet the pets

  • Sparky

    16 years

  • Macy

    Russian Blue

    6 years

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