Loving dog and cat seek sitter in the farmland of Lancaster

New Holland, PA, US
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Currently no sitter needed
Currently no sitter needed


Celana (pron seh-lay-na) has been my wonderful companion for six years, by my side through many moves and car trips. Hali (pron Holly) joined us last summer, creating my herd of four (my horse lives elsewhere). I have family and work travel

Home & location

My house is nestled in the Amish/Mennonite communities of Lancaster County. A well-maintained farm is across the street, though my house is part of an HOA'd neighborhood. The community consists of townhouse-styled condos, and is

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What are Hali and Celana's favorite things? Hali loves: -Potty breaks and walks on a consistent schedule. She is used to: .....-Morning, first thing (typically 6-7:30am): potty break .....-Morning: short walk .....-Lunch/mid-day: potty

Meet the pets

  • Hali

    Great Pyrenees

    5 years

  • Celana

    Rescue Cat

    8 years

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