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Vets agree most pets are happier at home when owners are away, adapting much better to a new carer than a new environment.

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View profiles and 5 star reviews of registered sitters with police checks and video profiles to help you easily choose your ideal sitter.

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Our registered pet-loving sitters are care-oriented rather than pay-oriented. They’ll travel to care for your home and pets for free in exchange for a free retreat.


As owners and sitters ourselves, we get the need to make pet care easy, helping you enjoy peace of mind knowing your home and pets are lovingly cared for.

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From Tuscany to New York, pet lovers enjoy home comforts world-wide in exchange for caring for an owners’ home and pets while they’re away.

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With members in 130+ countries, more owners choose us to find their ideal sitter. We’re your #1 resource for house sitting adventures near or far.

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More than just living like a local, whether it’s a weekend away or extended travels, enjoy being accepted as a friend, globally.

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Love pets? Love travel? TrustedHousesitters helps enrich lives. If you enjoy caring for pets, a wonderful world of house sits is waiting for you!


Our ethos

We started to provide the best solution to a common problem for pet owners globally when going away - after seeing the challenges faced in finding the right care for pets when going away. We get that your much-loved pets need looking after when you go away (and any vet will agree they’re much happier in their home environment than in kennels or being boarded elsewhere) and we also understand the need for you to be able to easily choose the ideal sitter to best give you peace of mind.

So we created the ideal solution to this common global problem, We (and most of our team) have also enjoyed years of pet sitting in many wonderful locations all over the world (although these days are more busy running and know just how much of an adventure house and pet sitting can be and how much joy can come from looking after pets.

All of this has been invaluable in really helping us best understand the needs of home and pet owners and sitters to create the best, most comprehensive online pet sitting service worldwide.

We’re about the win-win for all involved, the relationships that form when caring for homes and pets, providing the best possible service to the thousands of people that find sitters with each month and the thousands of sitters house and pet sitting all over the world with us.

We’re told that our service is invaluable to home and pet owners and sitters and we constantly get emails about how we genuinely help enhance lives and we love that!

Like the thousands of people that use our service, we love pets, we love travel and we love - and we really believe that you will too.

Meet the team

Meet the brains and smiles behind

Andy Peck

Andy Peck - Founder & Leader of the Pack / (CEO)

Andy discovered the concept of house sitting several years ago when he cared for Dave the dog in a villa with a vineyard and pool in Galicia, Spain. After falling in love with Dave and speaking with other pet owners he soon realized there was a huge need for a comprehensive house sitting website (which previously did not exist).

Since then, Andy and his fiancee / co-founder Rachel have enjoyed pet sitting across the globe. While making lots of furry friends and living like a local (house sitting is great for that) they totally understand how to provide the best house and pet sitting service for members.

Andy has also written two feature films, created a printing business, handled marketing management for several major global organizations and has enjoyed traveling around the world 4 times.

When not working Andy can usually be found paddle boarding or enjoying a game of beach volleyball.

Favorite House Sit - Caring for sweet-natured labradors Gracie and Rufus in Breckenridge, Colorado, US.

Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin - Co-Founder & Organiser of the Pack (with a splash of Newshound) / (COO)

Having grown up with Sam the Boxer dog, Rachel relishes the opportunities pet sitting gives to look after others’ pets. One of her most memorable has been caring for Alfie the Labradoodle on 5th Ave, New York, she says he made her feel like a real New Yorker (she’s from the North of England!).

She’s a travel nut and has visited over 40 countries but also loves nothing more than exploring more of her country, which she says house sitting has given her wonderful opportunities to enjoy.

Rachel previously managed PR campaigns for major online names such as eBay and as well as travel brands including the St Lucia Tourist Board.

Rachel manages operations keeping the office pack together in a winning direction and also knows how to sniff out a good news story.

When not working Rachel can often be found paddle boarding in the English Channel (by choice!), enjoying Bikram Hot Yoga or planning her impending wedding to Andy in Mexico!

Favorite House Sit - Caring for two Devon Rex cats and enjoying lots of cat kisses in Sydney, Australia.

Will Ogden

Will Ogden - Technical Geek of the Pack / (CTO)

Will joined the team and immediately made everything better, slicker and faster! He’s on a roll with an exciting list of jobs to do which will continue to bring you the best house sitting website in the world!

Will’s a family man who loves mountain biking when he’s not being handy round the house. In fact we don’t think there is anything he couldn’t fix or make shinier. When not working Will can also be found rustling up a BBQ - come rain or shine, we’re still waiting to try his BBQ pizza(!) - or dreaming of a snowboarding trip to the Alps.

Prior to Will managed a team of 11 developers in his previous job including satellite offices in South Africa and Seattle.

Favorite House Sit: Will’s far too busy coding and being a new dad to house sit, but watch this space!

Laurence Bresh

Laurence Bresh - Chief Planner of the Pack / (CMO)

Leading our expanding and amazing marketing team, Laurence is top dog in helping to find the opportunities and spread the word on house sitting far and wide. He has world-class marketing experience in the travel sector and is helping lots of pet parents and sitters know about our great service.

Prior to joining Laurence was the Marketing Director for STA Travel having previously led the largest ever international marketing program to promote Britain as a tourist destination during the 2012 Olympics and Royal Jubilee as Marketing Director for VisitBritain.

Laurence loves to take his family on road trips when he’s not working and having previously owned a family cat he’s hoping to buy the family’s first puppy dog - awww!

Favorite House Sit: Laurence is looking forward to enjoying his first family house sit.


Lisa Logan - Customer Champion of the Pack (Customer Communications Manager)

Lisa makes sure nobody’s barking up the wrong tree! We want to make sure everyone’s getting the right information about what we offer and Lisa is at the heart of this. She’s been an integral part of the pack since launch to help ensure we provide the best possible service to members.

Lisa and her big happy family, kids, dogs, hubby and snake, continues to grow - she’s just re-homed a rescue dog called Milo from Cyprus, so fully understands the need to find sitters when she goes away. Not only does she find house sitters via the site but they all house sit too for their family vacation time. When not working, being a mum, wife and pet rescuer she can often be found digging for treasure on archaeological sites in her (limited!) spare time.

Favorite House sit:- Looking after a Christmas Tree farm, two lovely labradors and chickens with her family in Wales.


Glenise - Customer Carer of the Pack (Customer Support)

Glenise provides more help than a St Bernard on a mountain mission! She wonderfully helps manage the stream of email enquiries that arrive at our door on a daily basis.

She has been a cat owner for years and completely understands the importance of finding the right person to look after her home in Canada when she’s away on vacation.

When not helping everyone else, Glenise can often be found in the great outdoors, as she enjoys time with her hiking club in the stunning Canadian backcountry.

Favorite House Sit: Looking after a 19th Century Regency home on the South Coast of England.


Angela - The Sharer of the Pack (Social Media & Customer Care)

Angela knows more about pet sitting than a dog knows about sniffing out a good bone. She has house sat across 5 continents in the last 10 years and manages to find pet and animal welfare charities to volunteer her time at too whilst on her travels and regularly uses sitters for her home in BC, Canada. She’s as nutty about making new fur friends as she is about travel - hence why house sitting is her perfect ‘retirement’ lifestyle! We just had to bring her out of retirement due to her super knowledge about all things house sitting.

Angela is also the genius behind our social media - if you want a dose of serious cuteness and up to date news about then follow us now on Facebook. She also brilliantly helps answer customer questions both new and existing within our expanding Customer Care team

Favorite House sit: Looking after Teazel the cat in a stunning home in Barnes Village, London.

Our journey

The original. Established 2010.

  1. March 2010

    Co-Founders Andy & Rachel discover house sitting in Spain and realize a need for a comprehensive website for home / pet owners and sitters.

  2. October 2010 launches website!

  3. November 2010 cited by as No 2 in their ‘Top Ten Money-Saving Websites’.

  4. December 2010 ‘Website of the Week’ Daily Mail.

  5. April 2011

    Readers Digest ‘Website of the Month’ awarded to

  6. May 2011

    Over 10,000 nights facilitated to keep pets out of kennels.

  7. February 2012

    Media appearances on BBC, NZTV and ABC

  8. November 2013 wins the Good Web Guide ‘People’s Choice’ Website of the Year and Community Website of the Year.

  9. May 2014

    Official RSPCA charity partnership launches in the UK

  10. June 2014

    Founder Andy Peck asks co-founder Rachel Martin to marry him!

  11. July 2014 team move to their shiny new HQ offices.

  12. September 2014

    Laurence joins as new Chief Marketing Officer

  13. September 2014

    Over 500,000 nights pets kept out of kennels thanks to trusted house sitters - and counting!

  14. October 2014

    We recruit our expert customer service team from our members, so can answer any question on house sitting you may have!

  15. December 2014

    Members have joined in over 130 countries which includes Mongolia!

  16. January 2015

    We pass 600,000 nights we’ve facilitated to keep pets out of kennels and happy at home

  17. February 2015

    We’ve helped save members over $150million in hotel and pet care costs to date

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