Looking for a pet sitter near you?

Hero the dog with her owner, John

More and more owners are choosing pet sitters as a kind and caring alternative to boarding facilities. And whether it’s because it’s easier to meet in person or they want someone who already knows the best dog walks, many people are looking for local pet sitters in particular. 

If you'd like to connect with a reviewed and verified pet sitter near you, it’s time to explore our caring community. Simply type your location into the search bar to filter for profiles of in-home pet sitters near you.

While there may be lots of local pet sitters to choose from, the perfect person to care for your pet could be from further afield. After all, our community is full of caring pet lovers from around the world who’ll happily travel to you. 

So why not widen your search to also look at profiles of like-minded people from further afield? Whether they’re pet sitters in London or fellow feline lovers from America, you can be certain they’ll be pet lovers like you.

Why choose in-home pet sitters?

Some local pet sitters provide pet care in their own property, but TrustedHousesitters is here to keep pets safe and happy in their own home. That’s why all our members are in-home pet sitters.

While this dedicated pet care is particularly popular for people with multiple pets or those in need of one-to-one care, sitters are loved by almost all animals. Because whether you connect with a local pet sitter or someone from overseas, your sitter will keep your pet in the place they love the most — their own home. And with vets agreeing home is the one place all pets feel safe and happy, you can travel with true peace of mind. 

Choosing an in-house pet sitter from TrustedHousesitters will add to this peace of mind. Why? Because none of our members charge for the in-house pet care they provide; they simply want to stay with your pets. This means you can set off knowing your pet is with someone special who wants to be there purely for the love of pets. 

Here’s why you and your pets will love it… 

Your pets will love it…

Because they can stay in their beloved home, surrounded by familiar sights and smells. Their new human friend will maintain their all-important routine and be sure to cuddle and care for them, just like you do. 

You will love it… 

Because you can travel with true peace of mind knowing your pet is in the safe hands of a like-minded pet lover. It’s kind and convenient pet care you can trust, without having to call on family members or coworkers for help. 

Why do pet sitters love it?

So you’re sure you and your pet will love having a sitter, but you may still be wondering why people pet sit for free. Well our members each have their own personal reasons for pet sitting, but the main motivation is to spend time with pets in new places. For some that means pet sitting locally, while others want to experience life somewhere far away. 

Pet sitter enjoying time with cat and dog

A content cat and dog with their pet sitter

How does pet sitting work?

How does pet sitting work for our members? Both owners and sitters pay just once a year to become a member. They can then connect with each other to arrange as many sits as they like, safely and securely, using the website or app. 

Watch Martin and Jenny’s story to see how it works… 

Your owner membership includes:

  • Unlimited pet care from reviewed and verified sitters
  • An app and website that allows you to connect with pet sitters, safely and securely 
  • Home and Contents Protection, which covers your home for up to $1 million (USD) 
  • Free 24/7 Vet Advice Line for expert advice while on a sit
  • Support from our award-winning Membership Services team

Pet sitting stories

Members around the world tell us their lives have changed thanks to pet sitting. From local pet sitters who tell us it’s filled a gap in their life left by the loss of their own animal, to dedicated owners who can finally take a well-deserved break, there are so many special stories. 

Take Melanie and Denis for example. Thanks to their pet sitter, Annie, they were able to spend Christmas with their family for the first time in five years!

“Knowing Theo was in the best possible care, we were able to be really present with our family and friends in South Africa while we were there. Annie took a massive weight off our shoulders, which made this possible, for which we are incredibly thankful for.”

You can also read about Tom and Liza’s story, who joined TrustedHousesitters to find special pet care for Sophie the dog and her blind brother, Stanley. 

“We all admit that this has been the most enriching experience for our beloved dogs and for ourselves. We love the fact that TrustedHousesitters has opened so many doors, and we have made friends for life.”

Want to know more about finding a pet sitter and starting your own special story? Our Membership Services team is here to help, 7 days a week between 7am-7pm (UTC), so please just get in touch.