Where will house sitting take you?

Stay in wonderful places by house sitting and caring for cute pets.

Where will house sitting take you?

Stay in wonderful places by house sitting and caring for cute pets.

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Forget hotel rooms

From home comforts to the calming company of pets, house sitting offers so much more.

It feels good to give

Explore new places while making a difference to the lives of pets and people along the way.

A new perspective

You don’t have to travel far. With house sitting, you can find a world of adventures just around the corner.

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A win-win without money

While you provide free house and pet care, owners offer you free accommodation in return. The only cost is your annual membership, making it an affordable and fulfilling way to travel.

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I am so blessed to have this experience and to be able to have a companion by my side the entire time. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity TrustedHousesitters provides! This is truly life changing.

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House sitting and pet sitting in New York City

Passionate about pets and exploring cities? Want to taste life in the Big Apple? It’s time to go house and pet sitting in New York, New York! 

From kitties in the city to pups in cool pads, you can find free accommodation in New York by caring for cute pets while their owners are away. Catching cabs across the concrete jungle, walking a pooch in Central, breakfasting on bagels in Brooklyn, or living like an Upper East Sider — you can experience it all by house and pet sitting in New York.

Exploring the Big Apple on four legs

It might come as a surprise, but when you're pet sitting in New York City, you'll soon see that this metropolis is extremely pet-friendly! New Yorkers love their four-legged friends. There are plenty of places around town that will give a warm welcome to pooches. It's time to start exploring!

Make the most of Central Park

Anyone who's dog sitting in New York City will soon learn that there are dozens of parks to explore. Of course, nothing beats the world-famous Central Park, a green oasis in the middle of downtown Manhattan. Your pet pal will have to be kept on a leash during the park's peak hours, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM — but if you head to the park early in the morning or in the evening, your new doggy friend can enjoy roaming freely.

Dine out with your dog

This melting pot of a city has all kinds of restaurants, with something for everyone — even people with pet sitting jobs! Restaurants such as the famous Barking Dog provide a dog-friendly atmosphere. Treat yourself to some top-quality dishes without having to leave Fido at home alone!

Pet-friendly boat rides

Not all dogs enjoy traveling over water, but some love the experience! If you're pet sitting a pooch who adores the ferry, you're in luck. Take your pup pal out on the Seastreak Ferry for fresh air and great views of Manhattan. On a tight budget? The Staten Island Ferry welcomes small dogs on board and is totally free.

Funky feline fun in the Big Apple

Cat sitting in New York City can be a lot calmer than dog sitting. Don't be surprised if you spot a few kitties out and about, though. Some cat-loving New Yorkers take their leash-trained feline friends out for a walk around the city. You can also find friendly cats at Manhattan's ever-growing number of cat cafes, where you can have a coffee and a kitty cuddle. This city is heaven for animal lovers!

Look for pet sitting jobs in New York City today! The Big Apple's pet-loving community is just a few clicks away.