How to write the perfect house sitter profile

Kelly Jones

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why it’s so important to write a house sitter profile that you’re proud of.

Not sure where to start? TrustedHousesitters member Darcie Connell has you covered. Originally from California, Darcie’s great sitter profile has seen her enjoy house sits near and far away, and now she’s sharing her secrets to success with you. 

My top five house sitter profile tips

So you have joined TrustedHousesitters and are currently looking for your first house sit.

The house sitter profile you create is your tool to introduce yourself to owners — like a house sitter resume. As well as writing the perfect application, your profile will help you make connections with owners and possibly score a house sit. Here’s how to optimise it:

  1. Write a great profile heading
  2. Make your profile personal 
  3. Pick the right photos for your profile
  4. Request plenty of references 
  5. Check your spelling and grammar 

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these points....

1. Write a great profile heading

The first thing an owner will read on your house sitter profile is the heading. Having a good heading can spark interest or, on the contrary, deter potential owners.

To gain a positive reaction, write a headline that: catches the attention of the reader, sparks curiosity, states a benefit (or multiple benefits), offers a solution to a problem, or provokes thought.

2. Make your profile personal

Once your profile heading has caught an owner’s attention, it’s time to tell them all about you. Of course it’s important to treat it a bit like a house sitter resume and include things like your relevant experience, but be sure to let your personality shine so that you stand out from the crowd. 

Not sure where to start? Here’s a handy list of topics to cover, which TrustedHousesitters will prompt you to include in your house sitter profile:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • Career 
  • Why you want to house sit
  • Whether you’re a solo sitter, part of a couple, or will be traveling with your family
  • A bit about you, including your hobbies and interests
  • Your relevant house sitting experience or skills, like animal care qualification

Bonus tip: Covering all these points will create a unique sitter profile, but be sure you don’t give away too many personal details. You can learn more about the dos and don’ts in TrustedHousesitters’ guide to staying safe online.

Examples TrustedHousesitters pet sitter profile photos

3. Pick the right photos for your profile

You have heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, those thousand words can be good or bad depending on the photos you pick.

Here's some photos you will want to include on your profile:

  • A profile picture of you smiling: In order for an owner to open their home to you, they need to trust you. A simple but effective way to earn that trust and show you are a nice and friendly person is to make sure you’re smiling in your profile picture. 
  • A picture of you with animals: As you have probably noticed, most people looking for a house sitter are also pet owners. To prove that you are good with animals, include pictures  of you with pets — what pet lovers phone isn’t packed with pictures of them petting a cat or throwing a ball for a dog? 
  • A picture of you with people: Owners need to know that people like you, so make sure at least one of your photos includes another person. Friends and family members are a great place to start. 

4. Request plenty of references

One of the first things owners will see (and likely look for) on your house sitter profile is any ratings and reviews left by other owners from your previous house sits, and your external references. Of course, the better your ratings, reviews, and references, the better your house sitter profile. And while you can’t gain ratings and reviews until you’ve started house sitting, you can request as many references as you like, at any time. 

So go ahead and request character references from people like landlords and employers. If you’re setting up a TrustedHousesitters profile, it’s easy. All you’ll need to do is go to the basic verification area on your dashboard and request a reference. Your referee will be asked whether you are:

  • Organised
  • Self-sufficient 
  • Experienced with pets
  • Reliable 
  • Tidy 

Bonus tip: To increase the number of references you receive, consider sending an email to support the one automated by TrustedHousesitters. Here’s an example: 

"I was hoping you could do me a huge favour; I have recently joined TrustedHousesitters to stay with people’s pets while I travel to new places, and I need references from people like you to prove I’m a responsible person. Will you be my referee?

I have sent another email to you through TrustedHousesitters, so please look out for it. It should  take less than a minute to complete the reference and it would be a great help to me. Thank you so much and please let me know if you have any questions."

5. Spelling and Grammar

While everyone makes mistakes, too many spelling and grammatical errors in your house sitter profile suggests you don’t care. So always check your profile for spelling and grammar before you publish it for owners to see. This easy step shows you are professional, educated, and responsible — the same traits most owners are looking for in a house sitter.”

Ready to write the perfect house sitter profile?

With Darcie’s top tips to hand, you’re ready to create a house sitter profile that will secure exciting house sits around the world. And if you need any more help or advice from our expert Membership Services team, please just get in touch.

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