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Ready to begin your trusted house sitters journey? Great — you’re in the right place! If you’re new to our wonderful community, you may be wondering where to begin. So to help you on your way, we’ve gathered together a list to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your TrustedHousesitters membership.

1. Sign up to Trusted House Sitters

Yes — it seems obvious! But to begin your trusted house sitters adventure, you’ll need to start by becoming a member

Costing less than a typical night in a hotel, our sitter membership plan makes it easy for trusted house sitters like you to find their perfect pet sit. With unlimited sits available and a website full of house and pet sitting opportunities just waiting to be explored, you really do need to be in it to win it. 

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2. Set up a saved search

Never miss out on that perfect sit again! With our saved searches feature, trusted house sitters can save up to 3 searches and receive daily notifications via email whenever house sits matching their criteria (such as preferred locations, pets and dates) become available. 

As well as being notified whenever sits matching your criteria are added to the site, it’s a great way to get in there early and make sure you're one of the first sitters to apply.

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3. Spruce up your sitter profile

First impressions are everything, and your sitter profile is one of the first things a potential owner will see. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have a sitter profile you’re proud of. 

Here’s a handy list of what to look out for when writing your trusted house sitters profile:

  • Write a catchy profile heading that’s clear and grabs the owner’s attention.
  • Make your profile personal — include lots of information about you, your background and hobbies, why you’d like to pet sit and your previous pet sitting experience. Ultimately, let your personality shine so that you stand out from the crowd!
  • Upload some photos of yourself, and some with pets — good photos add personality and warmth to your profile, and are an important step in helping you bond with owners.
  • Complete your phone and email verifications, and apply for a free ID check to help build trust. 
  • Make sure to request some references! Adding references, like a previous house sitting reference, can increase your chance of sit success by up to 60%, so it’s definitely worth sending out a request or two from your verifications page.

For more tips and tricks make sure to read our blog post where house sitter, Darcie, reveals how you can write the perfect house sitter profile.

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4. Sign up for email alerts

Now you’ve signed up and created your sitter profile, it's time to sign up for email alerts.

Delivering all the cute pets and homes looking for your help straight into your inbox, email alerts are a great way to keep in the loop of all our latest and greatest pet sitting opportunities, and apply to house sits as soon as they’re listed. Just head to your account settings to set these up.

5. Craft a stellar application message

So, you’ve found your dream pet sit (thanks to that saved search we set up earlier) — now, it’s time to apply to your sit with an application message that’ll really have you standing out from the pack. 

Your application message is your chance to shine by introducing yourself and explaining why you’re the perfect trusted house sitter for the job. 

It’s important to personalise your message, so make sure to include things like the name of the pet that you’ll be caring for, or mentioning specific details from the sit listing. Make sure to speak about your previous pet sitting experience, too, particularly if you have any previous experience caring for a similar pet.

Check out our blog post, 5 top tips for writing the perfect application message, for more helpful tips and tricks. 

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6. Download the app

Downloading the TrustedHousesitters app is a great way to explore all of our exciting pet sitting opportunities, whenever and wherever.

With app-only features and push notifications, it’s the easiest way to discover exciting sits caring for adorable pets in places you’ll love. Simply download the app and swipe, scroll and tap your way to sit success!

Interested in knowing more about how our pet-loving members connect to keep pets safe and happy at home? Why not visit our how it works page or reach out to your friendly Membership Services team today. 

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