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Know you’re connecting with the perfect sitter to care for your pet. See what other people say about them, and take a look at ratings and reviews left by other owners.

Find honest feedback from sitters

Want to know if a sit is right for you? For a first-hand account of what it's like to care for the owner's pets and home, look for feedback left by fellow sitters on their listing.

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From your payment details to your private conversations, all your information on our platform is encrypted, safe, and secure.

How are sitters verified?

All sitters are encouraged to earn free verifications, offering everyone more peace of mind. Depending on the chosen level, Basic or Standard, sitters go through several stages of checks to become verified. To see what level a sitter has achieved, just take a look at their profile.

Basic verification
  • Email address checked
  • Phone number checked
  • Reference received
Standard verification
  • Basic verification
  • Identity confirmed
  • Documents checked

Insurance Backed Guarantee

You’re covered for every sit confirmed through TrustedHousesitters — at no extra cost. You’re covered against property damage, theft, and if the sitter has an accident.

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Talk to a vet professional

From general queries about your own pet to questions while on a sit, members can call their 24/7 Vet Advice Line to talk to an expert.