5 top tips for writing the perfect application message

Danielle Petch

So, you’ve browsed the TrustedHousesitters website and now you’ve found the perfect sit that you’re just itching to apply for. Great! But to secure that dream sit, you’ll need to write the owner an application message that really stands out. 

To help you on your way to sitter success, we’ve gathered together our top 5 tips on how to write the perfect application message. 

1. Explain why this is the sit for you

There’s lots of amazing house sits on TrustedHousesitters, but finding the perfect one (that’s just right for sitter, owner, and pet alike) is key!

Perhaps the sit you’ve found comes with the most beautiful chocolate Lab that reminds you of your childhood pet growing up. Or, being a bonafide cat person, you simply can’t resist the chance of a weekend snuggling up with those two moggies in Manchester. 

Whatever your reasons, make sure to read the listing carefully, and identify what the owner (and most importantly, the pet’s) needs are from a sitter. As you write your application, try keeping these two questions in mind: what was it about this sit that stood out to you, and what makes you the best sitter for the job?

2. Introduce yourself

It’s time to let the owner know all about you and your amazing sitter story so far. Need some talking points? Why not start with…

  • Your name, age, and where you’re from
  • What you do for a living, or if you’re retired
  • What you enjoy doing in your spare time
  • Why you want to house sit
  • If you’re a solo sitter, or if you’ll be sitting as a couple or a family
  • A bit about why those dates suit you - are you local? Will you be traveling and working on a laptop from their home?

Remember, the owners will be taking a look at your TrustedHousesitters’ profile too, so it’s worth spending some time to write a sitter profile that you’re proud of

3. Personalise your message

A personalised and thoughtful application is the true key to success, so while copy and pasting your application message might seem like the easy option, it’s unlikely to get you very far in your pet sitting journey.

Talk specifically about the owner, their pet and their home. Simple gestures, such as referring to the owner or pet by name can help your application stand out (particularly if they have a number of applications to sift through). Why not mention how much you love that photo of their Retriever, Rover playing in the garden, or how their lounge looks like the perfect place for you to work from home?

4. Show you care by talking about their pet

Owners understandably want to know that while they’re away, their pet will be cared for, loved and happy. So show you care by focusing on their pets, and how you can help!

A good place to start is by looking at what the owner has already said about their pet - if they’ve mentioned Buddy’s favourite activity is a walk down on the beach, why not mention how you’d be delighted to take him for a seaside stroll each day? 

Ultimately, let your love of pets shine through in your application!

5. Speak about your previous sitting experience with a similar pet

For an owner, knowing their precious Springer Spaniel is in the hands of a fellow gun-dog aficionado could mean a world of difference, and could help give them real peace of mind. 

So be sure to include the details of any home and pet care experience you already have, particularly if you’ve cared for a similar pet or breed before. Letting the owner know that you have this added experience will reassure them that their beloved pet will be in safe and experienced hands.

Trusted tip: remember, you can apply for multiple sits at a time!

You’re only confirmed once the owner clicks ‘confirm’, so applying for multiple house sits is the best way to increase your chances of securing a sit! There will be lots of sits perfectly suited for you, so keep looking and sign up to our daily email alerts to stay in the loop with our latest and greatest house sitting opportunities

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