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Danielle Petch

We’re excited to unveil the latest update to your Trusted website: saved searches! Designed to help you on your way to sitter success, who better to run us through its features than TrustedHousesitters’ very own Product Manager, Ben Cottrell? Read on to find out all about this brand-new update and what it means for you…

What are saved searches?

'Our new saved searches feature allows our Sitter members to save up to three search results for their planned trips. As well as appearing on the Find a Sit page, where you can edit or delete a saved search, we've also set up tailored alerts, meaning Sitters will receive an email notification whenever a relevant listing is added.'

Why have you added this feature?

‘It’s something that has been requested by a lot of Sitters from recent surveys. It was also something that most of our competitors offer, which some Sitters felt was missing from our offering.

We also know from this feedback that Sitters want to be able to find sits in the locations they want, looking after the pets they prefer, and during the times and dates when they’re available. This new feature makes that process even easier, and our tailored alerts mean they’ll be in the know as soon as any relevant sits are listed.’

How do I set up a saved search?

‘Head to the Find a Sit page and add in your desired location, dates, and pets, just as you normally would. Then, in the top right-hand corner of the page, you should see a ‘Save this search’ button. Click on that, give your search a name, and then save — it’s that simple.

This will then save that search and set up an automatic alert, anytime a sit matching your criteria is added.’

Sounds great! Let’s take a look...

We hope you enjoy this latest improvement. We’d love to hear your feedback, so once you’ve had a chance to use our new saved searches feature (or if you have any suggestions or ideas of your own), please take some time to share your thoughts with us below.

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