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Danielle Petch

As part of your TrustedHousesitters Standard and Premium sitter membership, you can now apply for a free background check. 

Currently available for US-based Standard and Premium sitter members, background checks are here to help you improve your chances of sit success, while giving owners that extra bit of trust and reassurance.

What are background checks? 

Background checks are designed so that you can offer owners extra peace of mind when applying to take care of their pets and home.

Your completed check will be displayed on your sitter profile, and provides owners with that extra bit of trust and verification. Verifying your identity with a background check can also help to double your chances of being picked for a house sit, and we encourage all eligible members to complete these to make your sitter profile the best it can be.

This service is provided by Evident, a secure and accredited third-party provider, so you can rest assured your details will be safe.

How do I get my background check? 

Currently, background checks are available for all Standard and Premium sitter members in the US. 

If you are a Standard or Premium sitter residing in the US, you can apply for your background check once you have set up your profile. 

Firstly, you’ll need to visit the verifications page. You can do this by logging into your TrustedHousesitters account, clicking your name on the top right-hand corner, and selecting ‘Verifications’ from the drop-down menu.

Visit your verifications page to get started.

Then, scroll down to the ‘ID & Background check’ section and click the green 'Start free background check' button.

Background checks are now available for US-based Standard and Premium sitter members.

Once submitted, our industry-leading partner, Evident, will complete the background check. We will keep you updated on the status of your background check via email. You can check the status and view your application from the verifications page.

You can check the progress of your background check from the verifications page.

How will I know that my personal details will be kept confidential?

These checks are carried out by Evident, a secure and accredited third-party provider. They maintain a bank-grade, encrypted security system — meaning your information will be kept safe, confidential and secure. And don’t worry, your details won’t be shared with anyone.

How will owners see my background check? 

Once your background check has been completed and verified, it will automatically display on your sitter profile for owners to see.

Any more questions? 

If you have any further questions on how background checks work, your friendly Membership Services team are here to help — just get in touch.

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