Five Things To Do With Your Dog In NYC

If you have the luxury of house sitting in the Big Apple, you’ll never run out of ways to occupy yourself and your pup. Check out this list of the top things to do while you’re house and pet sitting in NYC!

Coping With Tropical Climates When House & Pet Sitting

So, you've found a perfect house sit in a tropical destination and it won't be long before you leave the cold European or American winter behind. But… have you considered what it's like to live in your dream tropical location? Have you checked the seasonal temperatures, rainfall and humidity in your piece of paradise?

The Delights (& challenges) Of Pet Sitting: Austin SXSW Edition

Here’s a story to tell your kids: housesitting kept of me off the streets! Well, housesitting at least kept me from sleeping in my car.

Things To Do In LA - A Guide For Pet Sitters

When it comes to pet sitting in Los Angeles, one thing’s for sure, you’ll never find yourself short of things to see and do. Even better, as a newbie LA pet sitter there are various ways to get your surrogate four-legged friend involved in the fun, especially by exploring the great outdoors.

Between sits? Here are the top 5 Boutique Hotels for some early summer sunshine

For sitters between sits who are looking to treat yourselves to independent and discerning homeowners who love to travel – we’ve a treat for you.

Is Eating Street Food Safe?

Guest writers Billy and Akaisha Kaderli share their knowledge of eating street food, "If you do choose to eat at a street stall or sidewalk café, it’s important to find one that is busy and one that cooks what you want right on the spot. This will assure you that the food is being turned over regularly and isn’t sitting around becoming cold."

5 Most Friendly Dog Cities In The World

Here are some of the most dog friendly cities in the world. Places which you and your dog can enjoy easily and equally.

The Top 5 New Innovative Ways To Travel That You Need To Know About

TransferTravel and TrustedHousesitters are at the forefront of a travel revolution. Gone are the days of walking into a travel agent, now you can find all sorts of ways to explore the world, from transferring travel tickets to becoming a house sitter!

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