Five things to think of before getting a rabbit

Thinking of getting a rabbit for Easter? Here are the five things you need to know before ditching the chocolate and choosing a pet bunny instead.

"Unplanned pet parenthood has been an unexpected delight for all of us and we wouldn't be without her"

In December 2018, Eileen and Will took a holiday with their children to Cambodia that changed their lives forever. Leaving behind their own menagerie of animals in Canada, the family returned home with an unexpected addition to their clan. Here's their story...

A Personal Trainer With Paws - Why Your Dog Could Be The Answer To Festive Overindulgence

Inspired by previous studies that show how exercising with a pet is not only good for the body but also for the mind, we've researched the calorie count of the nation’s favourite festive foods and discovered how long it would take to burn them off and created a handy infographic.

Pretty Yet Poisonous Plants For Dogs To Avoid

Exploring, sniffing and digging - what dog doesn't love spending time in the garden? From poisonous plants for dogs to avoid to fatal flowers, here is a list of popular indoor and outdoor plants to keep away from pooches…

Raystede’s Top Tips for Introducing a New Dog into the Family

Having helped thousands of homeless dogs find and settle into their ‘forever home’, our friends at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare have plenty of tried and tested tips.

The Do's & Don'ts of Introducing A New Pet

To help any of our members who are considering growing their pack, we asked the experts at our dedicated Vet Advice Line for some top tips on how to introduce new pets into the home.

It's The Year Of The Dog! Celebrate Your Four-Legged Friends This Chinese New Year

February 16th marks the start of the Chinese New Year, and much to the delight of many of our canine coworkers, 2018 is the Year Of The Dog!

How To Help Homeless Cats In Cold Weather

It’s very cold out there at the minute and many domestic cats have already added a few extra hours of sleep into their usual routine to enjoy the heat of the radiator or to have a snuggle under the duvet. These cats are loving life right now, but not all cats have it so easy.

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