New sitter membership plans: a guide for existing sitters

Danielle Petch

We’re excited to announce our new sitter membership plans! With brand-new features and even more choice, they’re here to help you get more from your TrustedHousesitters membership.

If you’re an existing sitter member, you may have some questions about what this means for you and your current membership plan. So, here’s a guide with everything you need to know about TrustedHousesitters’ new sitter memberships...

What are the new membership plans and why have they changed?

We’ve listened to your feedback and now we’re excited to bring some brand-new features to our current membership offering.

After launching tiered owner membership plans earlier this year, we have been testing new sitter membership plans with select groups of new sitters signing up to TrustedHousesitters. This included offering three different tiers of membership: Basic, Standard and Premium.

We plan to conclude this test soon and will roll out these new plans to all our new sitter members signing up to the platform, and can’t wait to roll these out to you, our existing members, shortly after.

What’s the difference between Basic, Standard and Premium?

At just $129 per year, our Basic membership offers great value with unlimited house sits and daily alerts for up to 3 saved searches. And for just a small sum more, sitters can enjoy even more features on our Standard and Premium plan, such as sit cancellation insurance, accident & third party liability protection and free airport lounge passes. Check out the full list of features for each membership here.

Our new tiered plans are designed to enhance our member’s experience, so rest assured no member will ever be at a disadvantage as a result of their membership level. With fellow member feedback and insights at its core, these plans are designed to help you —  our sitters — to get the absolute most from your membership.

Where can I see the new plans? 

You can see a breakdown of the new sitter membership plans (and their features) by clicking here

What plan am I on? 

If you’re an existing sitter member, nothing will have changed and you’ll still be on your current plan, with full access to all of your current membership features. 

Can I stay on my existing plan? 

While this means we'll no longer be offering your current plan to new members, nothing is changing for our existing members, and you are welcome to stay on your current plan.

If you’re already set to auto-renew, there's nothing you need to do and unless you choose to upgrade when the option becomes available, you'll simply renew onto your current plan when your membership expires. 

If you have removed your auto-renewal, then please note your current plan will no longer be available when your membership expires. However, we will soon be able to provide you with the option to go back onto auto-renew, so that when your membership expires you can continue onto your current plan.

What about membership support?

You may have noticed that our Standard and Premium plans offer ‘dedicated member support’. This new feature is in addition to our current basic support and provides extra assistance to Standard and Premium members, including profile set-up support and on-sit communication.

So don’t worry, whatever your plan, you’ll still have access to your friendly Membership Services team — the dedicated member support feature is simply an extension of this. 

Why have I not been offered a tiered plan?

Before rolling this out to our existing members, we wanted to take some time to get it perfect for you. That’s why we have extensively tested these new plans ahead of rolling them out to our existing members.

Can I upgrade yet?

Upgrades for existing members aren’t quite ready, but we promise we’re working hard to bring you the option to upgrade soon! Currently, we hope to have existing member upgrades available by mid-June. 

We recommended keeping an eye on your inbox, as we’ll be in touch there to let you know when you can upgrade your membership.

Any more questions?

We can’t wait to roll out these new sitter membership plans to you soon. Right now, there’s nothing you need to do as an existing member — just keep an eye out on your inbox for more information on when upgrades become available. 

If you have any further questions or queries on the new sitter membership plans, then please don’t hesitate to contact your friendly Membership Services team, who will be more than happy to assist you.

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