TrustedHousesitters' Member Dispute Resolution Procedure

In order to raise a complaint against another Member, you must comply with the following steps outlined in this Procedure: 

1. Prior to making a complaint: 

1.1 You must be a current Member i.e. your subscription must be fully paid for the relevant period.

1.2 All complaints in regards to on sit issues must be linked to a confirmed Sit.

1.3  You must give the member that is the subject of your complaint a chance to rectify the problem, and clearly outline the issues with them. 

1.4 You must provide evidence that a resolution has been attempted. 

1.5 Report any crimes to the relevant authorities immediately upon finding one.

1.6 Use the ‘Contact Us’ page within the Platform.

1.7 Apply the following subject line ‘Complaint - Dispute Resolution’ in the ‘Subject’ section of the message.

*Please do ensure that you have read and understood our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service and that there is a provable breach via the links below prior to forwarding us your complaint:

Code of Conduct

Terms and Conditions

2. How to raise a complaint with us - what we need from you: 

When raising any complaint with us we will only take further action should we see evidence of a breach in our Code of Conduct, please note that in instances where evidence is not supplied, we may not be able to take further action but will add members to our Internal watch list to monitor their behaviour. 

2.1 Please provide the following information requested below to outline the nature of your complaint, fill out all required fields marked with *.

*Your User ID Number linked with your Current and Fully Paid Membership:

*Your Name:

*First name of the subject of this complaint:

*The dates your sit took place:

*Summary of your complaint:

*Attach Evidence that will corroborate the claims made in your complaint

*Your Requested Outcome

2.2 Please include as much detail as possible in the description box, setting out the steps you have taken in accordance with step 1.

2.3 You must keep this clear, concise and as factual as possible.

2.4 Please attach your supporting evidence for your complaint in accordance with step 2.1 of this Procedure.

*(Please note that should this process not be completed, we may not be able to process your complaint, and so please ensure that you provide us with your information in the format requested).

3. How we handle Complaints: 

3.1 We will aim to resolve your complaint within 30 days of it being received.

3.2 We will review your complaint and supporting evidence.

3.3 We may ask for further information and you will need to respond to this within this 30 day period, or 14 days from the request for further evidence. For the avoidance of doubt, if you do not get back to us within this time frame, your complaint could be ceased.

3.3.1 Should the subject of the complaint not respond to our initial email within 14 days, they will temporarily lose access to their account. We will then follow this up with a second email.

3.3.2 Should we not hear back from the Subject within 14 days following a second email, the account will be permanently Suspended, except for extenuating circumstances. 

3.4 We will decide if we can take further action on this matter. 

3.5 If we can take the complaint further, we will contact the subject of this complaint, informing them that a complaint has been raised against them including details of the complaint.

3.6 We will ask for the other Member’s to provide their version of events and supporting evidence to the points raised.

3.7 We will hold sole discretion, based on the evidence provided, over if there has been a breach in the Code of Conduct or Terms and Conditions.

3.8 We will decide the appropriate outcome, following our investigation.

3.9 If you are not satisfied with the decision made regarding the appropriate outcome, you can request for this to be reviewed by a member of our Member Resolution Team.

3.10 If you want your complaint to be reviewed by a member of our Member Resolution team,  you will need to send us a written request. This request will be passed to the relevant persons. These persons will review your case and get back to you with their decision within 30 days of you requesting the review.

3.11 Our decision is final. 

4. Complaints we will not deal with: 

We will not deal with any complaint on any member should you be found to be in any way abusive, confrontational, or communicate disrespectfully with any member of our Membership Services Team or Member Resolutions Team. Failure to abide by this may result in your account being suspended. 

  • If you include any profanities and/or elements of racial, religious, national, origin ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age discrimination within the language of the complaint (unless it’s illustrative of the complaint). 
  • Anything that is not a direct, provable breach of the Code of Conduct or Terms of Service.
  • Fraudulent complaints (please note that should you start a complaint that is found to be fraudulent access to your account will be withdrawn).
  • Liability for payment (including travel, loss of earnings and damages to property and buildings etc). 
  • Where this procedure has not been followed (including complaints outside the time period, and those that have not provided their complaint in the relevant format).
  • Where you have not complied with your obligations in the Terms and Conditions.

In instances such as this, we recommend the use of the Feedback/Review system in accordance with the guidelines found here as an effective way of recording your experience with the TrustedHousesitters community and platform: 

Sitter guidelines

Owner guidelines

5. Supporting evidence we will accept: 

  • Time and date stamped photos
  • Time and date stamped videos 
  • Screenshot of email, texts and any other messages on our platform that is in relation to the sit (it must be a full thread conversation, not one message screenshots) 
  • Police/Crime Reports 
  • Veterinary Report 
  • Hospital Reports 
  • Confirmation of an insurance company’s acceptance to a claim 
  • Valid proof of payment (e.g. receipts or bank transfer confirmation or online transaction confirmation) 

*(We will not accept any statements from any third party who is not a current member of our Platform e.g. neighbour, friend, however, will accept any of the above in relation to the complaint from a third-party source).

6. Resolutions & Outcomes: 

We will hold full authority over the final resolution of any dispute that may arise between members, as per Section 3.9 you may request a second opinion on this matter by our Member Resolutions Team and their word will be final. 

We may: 

  • Issue either the subject or both parties, a warning
  • Suspend any account so there will not be able to access the platform during the suspension term
  • Permanently remove any members access to the platform
  • If you have raised a fraudulent complaint, we will suspend or permanently terminate your access to the platform
  • We may dismiss your complaint claim entirely, dependant on the relevant evidence not being supplied
  • Lift any suspension
  • Extend a Membership
  • Report any offences committed to the appropriate authority

You may request that any of these actions are taken, however, the application of these Resolutions and Outcomes is entirely at our discretion and we can choose whether to apply any one or all of them. 

Additional Points for Consideration 

We can promptly disable passwords and not issue any new passwords to any such individual in the event of any unauthorised access to the Platform or Services. 

In the event a complaint against you is upheld, we can immediately terminate your membership (as per the Terms and Conditions in accordance with clause 11.2) and remove your Owner listing and/or remove your Sitter Profile from the site. 

We can also immediately terminate your membership and delete your Owner listing and/or remove your Sitter Profile (including all the information in them) on a permanent, irretrievable basis. 

If your access to the Platform and/or Services is suspended then you may remain listed in the Member database but may not be listed on the Platform, unless notified in writing, by us, that the suspension has ended. 

If your access to the platform and or services is permanently terminated, no refund is applicable for the cost of the membership fee.