For over 150 years, celebrated people have been honoured with plaques. Now it's the pets' turn.

Introducing TrustedHousesitters Pet Plaques, the first plaque scheme dedicated to animals. Engraved with the names and stories of inspirational pets, the pointy-eared green plaques commemorate animals, past and present. There are already over 20 to be found across the UK, each one proudly displayed on the pet’s most-loved place in the world — their home.

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Walnut the Whippet

Starting with an open invitation from his owner, Mark, for fellow dog lovers to join them on their final walk, Walnut’s story warmed the hearts of a nation. From across the country, hundreds of two and four-legged friends travelled to Walnut's favourite beach to walk with him and say farewell before he was laid to rest.

Smudge the cat

When heroic Smudge spotted his young owner, Ethan, being picked on, he pounced into action. In an inspirational moment that was captured on camera, the clever cat scared away the bullies by jumping onto one of the boy’s chests. Recognised for his bravery, Smudge has since been nominated for a Cats Protection National Cat Award.

Flora the Akita

Before meeting Flora, Robert, her owner, was diagnosed with cardiac syncope. The condition causes temporary loss of consciousness and can consequently lead to near-fatal situations. Fortunately for Robert, as well as becoming a multi-award winner at Crufts, his new Akita developed a life-saving sense of smell that could predict his oncoming blackouts.

Alfie the Pug

Proof that not all heroes wear capes, Alfie the therapy Pug has been brightening the days of hospitalised children since 2014. Often spotted wearing a themed outfit, Alfie travels across the UK with his owner, Suzy, to provide unwell children with some much-needed cuddles.

Waffle the dog

More than just a family pet, Waffle the dog has become the ‘ears’ for his young owner, Sarah, who was born profoundly deaf. Their strong bond and unwavering friendship has given 14-year-old Sarah confidence and helped her reconnect with the world around her.

Tink the cat

Tink the tortoiseshell was crowned 2017 Cat of the Year after her amazing act of bravery saved her entire family from a house fire. After sensing noxious gases were filling their home, the clever cat leapt onto the bed of owners Claire and Russell, alerting them to the danger and allowing them to retreat to safety with their two young sons.

Cocoa the Dog

Alessandra and her young son, Ethan, were inspired by their late dog in many ways. Cocoa helped Ethan, who suffers from autism, learn to walk, talk, and stay safe on the road. When Cocoa passed away, Alessandra created a natural treats product made by people with special needs, named ‘Nono Cocoa’ in honour of the furry friend they'll never forget.

Prince Ozzy

While deadly smoke from a fire at a neighbouring property filled the room, Prince Ozzy’s owner, Sharon, was deep in sleep and oblivious to the danger. Fortunately, intuitive Ozzy persistently pawed at Sharon's face, waking her up and consequently saving her from serious injury.

Holly the Whippet

When Amy and her family rescued Holly from a puppy farm in 2011, they had no way of knowing about the Whippet's life-saving sense of smell. Able to sniff out the signs of low blood sugar levels, which can be fatal to Amy as she suffers from diabetes, Holly has saved her owner's life on countless occasions.

Diesel the goat

Abandoned by his owners, coated in engine oil, and suffering from an agonising bacterial infection, Diesel the goat was rescued by the RSPCA before finding his forever home at the Buttercup Sanctuary for Goats. After several months of ongoing treatment, determined Diesel made a full recovery and now spends his time spreading joy to the sanctuary's guests.

Barney the Springer Spaniel

When Emma decided to bring Barney into the family home, she was unsure of the impact a playful puppy would have on her profoundly disabled son, Hugh. However, the lively Springer Spaniel shocked everyone with a calm and caring approach to Hugh that has warmed the hearts of many.

Toby the cat

Affectionate Toby’s innate ability to sense when his owner, Annette, is about to suffer from a seizure as a result of a functional neurological disorder saw him win the Hero Cat Award at the 2018 National Cat Awards. Thanks to this special sense, Toby is able to keep Annette and her son, Kieran, safe by giving them time to prepare against the potentially harmful blackouts.

Joey the monkey

Rescued from a London flat where he had been kept in a small cage for nine years, Joey the monkey was left permanently disabled. Thankfully, Joey found a new home at a monkey sanctuary, and the caring capuchin now lives out his days befriending and helping other previously abused monkeys.

Mugly the Chinese Crested Dog

Proving that true beauty is found within, Mugly, winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in 2012, dedicated his life to helping others. Although he found international fame for his looks, he is fondly remembered as a hero, having won awards for his work with Therapy Dogs Nationwide, Pets as Therapy, and Cinque Ports Rescue.


Struggling to communicate with the world around him, Lorcan, who suffers from selective mutism, found his voice after being introduced to Jessi-cat. The compassionate family cat is now famed for forming a special relationship with Lorcan that has helped him connect and communicate with others, and even show signs of love and affection.

Baxter the Labrador

When six-year-old Olivia had a seizure and started choking, brave Baxter came to the rescue by alerting Olivia's mother to the trouble. Thanks to her much-loved Labrador, the little girl was rushed to Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, where she made a full recovery.

Billy the horse

Billy the horse shot to fame after featuring as one of the five horses that played the lead role in the Warner Brothers 1994 film, Black Beauty. Since then, Billy has starred in many music videos as well as a Guinness commercial, and has now retired to the countryside where he lives with his loving owner, Louise.

Missy the cat

Having alerted her owner, Angela, to pre-cancerous cells not once, but twice, Missy the tabby is celebrated for her life-saving senses. Each time, the persistent cat pawed at Angela's chest, prompting her to seek much-needed medical attention from doctors.

Scout the Lurcher

Blind and days away from death, Scout was rescued and nurtured back to health by his owner, Tracy. Now an ambassador for blind dogs, the loveable Lurcher is dedicated to giving back to the charities that helped him. As well as raising money, Scout spends his time bringing joy to others by volunteering at a local home for those with dementia.

Awol the cat

In the space of just a few months, Awol’s owner, Nicola, tragically lost her grandmother and five other relatives. The tragic time saw Nicola sink into depression and even develop alopecia, but then Awol unexpectedly turned up on her doorstep. Offering companionship, the special cat helped her new owner to cope, giving her a reason to smile again.

Keda the Labrador

Having served for three years in Afghanistan, saving lives by searching for buried landmines, Keda is a decorated military dog. She now aids service men and women back home by working with her owner, Sophie, at a Personal Recovery Unit. There, she plays a part in helping those with both physical injuries and PTSD to integrate back into society.

Irma the Collie & North the Duck

From staying by his side in the hospital to waking him up during flashbacks, Irma the dog is dedicated to her owner, ex-soldier Paul Wilkie. The specially trained Bravehound also plays the role of mum to Paul's feathered friend, North the duck. Along with Mr. Tibbs the cat and three other ducks, the special pets are an important therapeutic presence, greatly helping Paul cope with PTSD

Pip the horse

A former show jumper and Horse & Hound cover star, Pip stepped out of the spotlight to dedicate his life to the Riding for the Disabled Association. Loved by all who ride him, Pip was awarded the RDA Horse of the Year award in 2017.

Kika the Labrador

Not only does Kika help her owner, Amit, navigate the busy streets of London, she also shines a light on the discrimination faced by visually impaired people every day. Fitted with a camera, Kika captures footage which has helped them raise awareness and champion Transport for London’s Priority Seat Week campaign.

Know a particularly special pet that deserves a plaque?

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