Looking for walkies with a difference? Check out the top 100 pet-friendly places in the world.

Any pet will tell you that home is the best place ever, but our furry friends also love to explore. So, to celebrate the arrival of our app — which makes it easier than ever for animal lovers to spend time with pets and help each other travel — we’ve sniffed out the world’s top 100 pet-friendly places from over 54,000 locations recommended by our members.

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Image Credit: The Eden Project

1. The Eden Project

Based in a cool Cornwall crater and with miles of glorious gardens to explore, the Eden Project tops the list of locations your pets will love. While the Biomes only permit people, the popular attraction positively encourages pets to sniff out and explore almost all other areas.

Image Credit: VisitOakland.com

2. Lake Merritt

When in Oakland, our members recommend putting your pup on their leash and treating them to a peaceful walk around the heart-shaped shoreline of Lake Merritt.

3. Piedmont Park

In the heart of Atlanta, you’ll find Piedmont Park. Hosting events all year-round, it’s a hub of family fun that welcomes furry friends and also boasts a three-acre off-leash area.

Image Credit: Let's Go With The Children

4. Watercress Line

All aboard! Pawed passengers don't have to purchase a ticket to enjoy a magical journey through the English countryside on one of Watercress Line's traditional trains.

5. Cashmere Hill Lookout, Victoria Park

A wonderful place to soak up the views of Christchurch, Cashmere Hill Lookout is the favourite scenic spot of local dogs and humans alike.

6. Lost Gardens of Heligan

Lose yourself in the beauty and mystery of Europe’s largest garden restoration. With 200 acres to explore, The Lost Gardens of Heligan offers the perfect walk for you and a four-legged friend.

7. South Bank

Along the southern banks of Brisbane River, you’ll find 17 acres of parkland for your pooch pal to explore. Just be sure to keep them on a leash and away from both the wet and food areas.

Image Credit: Fr.wikipedia.org

8. Verteuil-sur-Charente

Described by many members as "the fairytale town", your Pooch Charming will love wandering around the beautiful riverside commune of Verteuil-sur-Charente.

9. Mission Bay

Step feet and four paws onto the stunning waterfront in Auckland. Mission Bay provides pohutukawa-lined beaches whilst being renowned for welcoming everyone with open arms and sloppy kisses.

10. Ibirapuera Park

São Paulo's Parque do Ibirapuera is described as the “emerald heart” of the city. This peaceful dog haven sits away from the hustle and bustle, with plenty of shady spots to unwind and cool off.

Image Credit: Colorado.com

11. Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is not just Colorado’s much-loved natural landmark, it’s a pooch paradise. Dogs can soak up the sniffs and sights of the entire park, and there are even off-leash areas.

12. North Stradbroke Island

Stradbroke Island - or "Straddie" to the locals - is a beach day with a difference. Your dog can seek out sun, surf and sand, and discover the best land-based whale-watching site in the world, Point Lookout.

13. Lake Vyrnwy

Lake Vyrnwy is a hidden Welsh gem that’s sure to get tails wagging. With 24,000 acres to explore, it’s the perfect place to take your pooch for a very special walk.

14. Avebury Monument

At the ripe age of 4,500 years old, the Avebury Stone Circle currently stands as the largest stone circle in the world. Not only is the circle equipped with its own pub and chapel, it welcomes dogs to nearly all its attractions too.

15. Fort Greene Park

Located on the edge of Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene Park is one of the few recreational areas in the Big Apple where your buddy can play off the leash during certain hours.

Image Credit: NiagaraFallsStatePark.com

16. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls might just be the perfect cool off spot for you and a four-legged friend. Take great care though, this is not the ideal place for a doggy paddle!

17. GAIL'S Bakery

It's no wonder GAIL’S Bakery in Hove is a popular spot for local pet-loving foodies; what could be better than enjoying freshly baked goods with man’s best friend by your side?

18. Frodo Joe's Petit Cafe

With a cute pug proudly displayed on Frodo Joe's logo, it's no surprise that the cool Californian crêperie warmly welcomes pups to their outdoor patio.

19. Butchart Gardens

As long as your dog is on a leash, The Butchart Gardens in British Columbia welcomes you to walk through 55 acres of blooms with your best buddy by your side.

Image Credit: VisitScotland.com

20. Scone Palace

Offering a great day out for all, Scone Palace is one of Scotland's favourite attractions. Pack a picnic and your pup's water bowl, and you've got a superb family day out with your furry friend.

21. Hahndorf German Settlement

Have you heard of Hahndorf? It’s the oldest German settlement in Australia and has more annual visitors than Westminster Abbey, including plenty of four-pawed pets.

22. The Bay Cafe

There’s nothing better than al fresco dining with Fido by your side. So, if you’re in Weston-super-Mare, the weather’s fine, and you're feeling hungry, be sure to head to the seafront spot, The Bay.

23. Springfield Mill

Discover seasonal ponds, wildflower meadows and woodland wonderlands in the midst of Springfield Mill. Wet doggy noses will be stuck to the floor as they pick up scents from their various woodland friends…

24. Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks has gained many four-legged friends over the years, and there is room for plenty more! With over 100 million years’ worth of smells at their paw pads, your pooch’s nose is bound to go wild.

25. Union Market

Although only service dogs are allowed inside this famous food market, your pooch pal is welcome to enjoy a tasty treat on one of their many pup-friendly patios.

26. Safety Bay

With the best beaches on your doorstep, Safety Bay has fun for all the family. Master the doggy paddle with your very own instructor - your dog!

27. Cerne Abbas Giant

In Dorset and looking for a dog walk with a difference? Take a steady stroll up the hills of Cerne Abbas to meet the ancient local resident, the Cerne Abbas Giant.

Image Credit: PontduGuard.fr

28. Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard, described as a “masterpiece of engineering”, winds over 50km through the mountains. Why not weave your way beneath its architecture with a doggy tour guide by your side?

29. Big Banana

Where’s the best place in New South Wales to go bananas and have a bunch of fun with your furry buddy by your side? The Big Banana - it’s the state’s biggest fun park and is also pet friendly.

30. Multnomah Falls

Look up to admire the sheer beauty and power of Multnomah Falls. This cascade of icy water will leave you breathless, whilst allowing your furry friend time for a quick cool off too!

Image Credit: PuerOntario.org

31. Bruce Peninsula National Park

Furry explorers are welcome at the Bruce Peninsula National Park. They can walk the trails, take in the views, and then even dip their paws at one of the five dog-friendly beaches.

32. Foxton Locks

Open all year round, the grade II listed Foxton Locks feature ten canal locks on the Leicester Line of the Grand Union Canal. Surrounded by countryside, this was a highly recommended place to bring along your four-legged companion!

33. Balboa park

Head to Balboa Park in San Diego to find museums, theatres, a world-famous zoo, and plenty of pups - providing they’re well behaved. The park even has two dedicated off-leash areas.

34. Baker and Graze

With a brunch to go crazy for, Baker & Graze is a firm favourite for many of our Cheltenham owners. On your morning dog walk, why not stop by to grab a fresh loaf, or two…?

Image Credit: VisitScotland.com

35. Loch Ness

Who better to help you sniff out the legend of the Loch Ness than your trusty pet? Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of pet-friendly places, attractions, and eateries in this majestic area.

36. Watiparinga Reserve

Discover incredible panoramic views over Adelaide at Watiparinga Reserve. Let your pup soak up the sights and smells, but be sure to keep them safe and secure on a leash.

37. Newbattle Abbey

Dogs may not be permitted inside the building of Newbattle Abbey but furry little lords and ladies are positively encouraged to explore the historic grounds.

38. Ballarat Botanical Gardens Reserve

The Ballarat Botanical Gardens is one of Australia's most famous cool climate gardens. Don't let your dog smell the flowers too closely, or they might get a case of the sniffles!

39. Gold Coast

Split from the Coral Sea by Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast Broadwater really gets tails wagging. With shallow estuary waters, it’s the perfect place for your pup to doggy paddle.

40. Gravina

Known as the “city of water and stone”, Gravina in Puglia is a top exploring spot. Full of smells and other four-legged friends to greet, your dog will be in their idea of heaven.

Image Credit: OutdoorProject.com

41. Kerry Park

Kerry Park boasts a picture perfect view of the Emerald City. A popular place for dog walkers, it’s a great spot for you and your pooch to soak up the sights or take an iconic Seattle selfie.

42. Floreat/Peasholm dog beach

Local pups love a trip to Peasholm Dog Beach — it’s the perfect place to run free, with the soft white sand beneath their paws and the sea breeze flowing through their fur.

43. Gillette Castle State Park

Halt! Who goes there? While animals aren’t allowed within the walls of Connecticut's medieval-inspired castle, plenty of pets enjoy visiting the surrounding grounds throughout the year.

44. Lights in the Attic

People and their pets travel from miles around to visit the canine-friendly café, Lights in the Attic. With a dedicated dog menu, pups will find plenty of tasty treats to chomp on.

Image Credit: FontanellaTeaGarden.com

45. Fontanella Tea Garden Mdina

Dogs of all sizes are welcome through the doors of Fontanella Tea Garden in Mdina. Overlooking the island of Malta, Fontanella is famous for its breathtaking views and mouthwatering homemade cakes.

46. Freemont Troll

Over the years, many sightings of trolls have been reported from under the Aurora bridge. Now, a giant troll has made it his permanent home, and continues to invite anyone and everyone to come visit, including our four-legged friends.

47. Flour Pot Bakery

If you’re out on a dog walk in Brighton or Hove and pass one of The Flour Pot Bakeries, be sure to pop in. The much-loved local bakery proudly welcomes four-pawed patrons.

48. Lux Foundry

Escape the hustle of Sydney Road inside the Lux Foundry café, which also boasts an expansive courtyard, otherwise known as the perfect spot for doggy dates.

49. Harbourfront Centre

Toronto pups love a trip to the Harbourfront Centre, a 10-acre hive of activity. While they may not be allowed inside the buildings, there are plenty of pooch-friendly parks and outdoor events to enjoy.

50. Eumundi Markets

This premier artisan market comes highly recommended by our Australian members. Fueled by its talented citizens, the market opens its gates to locals and those from afar, including the ones with four legs!

51. Portobello Beach

The beach is the best place ever — just ask your dog. So, if you’re in Scotland's capital and want to get tails wagging, take your pooch to nearby Portobello Beach which welcomes dogs all year round.

Image Credit: Brickwood.com

52. Brickwood

For the delicious delights of down under, Londoners love Brickwood. Not only do their cafés offer an indulgent Aussie inspired menu, but each one welcomes well-behaved dogs.

53. Glastonbury Tor

Visit one of the most famous landmarks in Somerset, Glastonbury Tor, where all creatures great and small are welcome to enjoy a good walk and wonderful sweeping views.

54. Trentham Gardens

Many of our members mentioned the award winning Trentham Gardens as a must-see exploring spot. Open throughout the year, with plenty of on and off leash areas, your dog is guaranteed to have a blast.

55. Bluebird Cafe

A favourite all year round for beachfront food in Ferring, the Bluebird Cafe proudly welcomes pups of every shape and size. If you bring your good boy or girl, be sure to order them one of the special dog sausages.

56. Thetis Lake

Popular with hikers, trail runners, and dogs of all shapes and sizes, Thetis Lake has many paths packed with exciting smells to sniff out and sticks to chase after.

57. La Vallée Des Saints

Introduce your pet to some of Brittany’s best-loved saints by visiting La Vallée des Saints. France’s answer to Easter Island, a new granite giant is added to the site every year.

Image Credit: ShipwreckCharlestown.com

58. Charlestown Shipwreck

Dive into the Shipwreck & Heritage Centre, where you’ll discover the history of Charlestown. This dog-friendly museum is full of intriguing artifacts - be careful though, a shipwreck stray could also look very familiar to their favourite fetching stick...

59. Bipartisan Cafe

If you’re out with your pet in Portland and fancy a slice or two of handmade pie, Bipartisan Cafe is the place to go. This dog-friendly spot also serves up great, locally sourced coffee.

60. Small Batch Coffee

Described as a ‘small independent coffee experience’, Small Batch Coffee offers smells out of this world for the coffee connoisseur, and for our wet nosed friends, there’s fresh water at their beck and call.

61. Kings Park

As long as they’re on a leash, the lucky pups of Perth are welcome to explore almost all areas of one of the world’s largest inner city parks, Kings Park.

62. Fleur De Lis Bakery

Visit charming French bakery, Fleur De Lis, and sit amongst the hustle and bustle of Portland. Escape into a new world through delicate tasting pastries, whilst Rover licks up the crumbs.

63. The Helix

Dog walkers are gladly welcomed to visit The Helix, which boasts incredible views of the world’s largest equine sculptures, the Kelpies. It’s guaranteed to leave your pooch questioning why there hasn’t been a sculpture made of them.

64. Belle General Cafe

The Belle General Café is a family run business, with all the quaint characteristics you’d expect. And if your dog sits in the courtyard, and shows to be a very good boy, he may even get some specially cooked chicken…

65. The Camel Public House

Gourmet pie and mash sound up your street? Visit Bethnal Green’s Victorian pub, The Camel in London's East End, where dogs and humans can mingle over delicious sweet and savoury pies.

66. Drift Cafe

Start your morning stroll off the right way, with a winning breakfast in the relaxed excellence of Drift Café, and of course your furry friend is welcome too!

67. Falaise Castle

Take your four-legged pal on an adventure through time whilst reliving the story of William the Conqueror. Newly restored Falaise Castle's surrounding gardens are guaranteed to keep smiles beaming and tails wagging.

Image Credit: EChopkins.com

68. Castle Drogo

Grab the leash, and take your dog to explore the winding trails below Castle Drogo. Filled with beautiful wildlife, Teign Gorge almost matches the sights of Castle Drogo’s spectacular architecture.

69. Sips & Bites

Sips & Bites in Barnes, London, may serve its much-loved paninis hot or cold, but their welcome is always warm — whether you’re a person or a pet!

70. Caffe Vita

Roasting coffee in Seattle since 1995, Caffe Vita is an independent company known by all the locals. Make sure to bring your pal along and take a picture. Use #dogsofvita to tell everyone about your new favourite discovery.

71. Green House Coffee

Green House Coffee is a pet-friendly cafe in the heart of Crozet. Loved by locals of all ages, the cafe proudly serves homemade food, cooked and baked with ingredients from nearby farms.

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72. Lynnwood & Co

Like the sound of delicious treats, independent coffee, and honest homemade food? Head to Lynwood & Co Café, the canine-friendly spot bringing cool Sydney vibes to the Cotswolds.

73. Zaanse Schans

Take a trip back in time to the traditional Dutch village of Zaanse Schans. If your pooch pal is on a leash, they’re also welcome to wander around the iconic windmills and wooden huts.

74. Beach Cafe

Known for its hash browns, the Beach Café in Waimairi is a dog-friendly hub right in the heart of this seaside town. Remember to sneak a taste of your delicious food to your doggy companion!

Image Credit: FondoAmbiente.it

75. Villa Necchi Campiglio

Looking for a touch of tranquility in the busy metropolis of Milan? You and your pup are welcome to wander around the peaceful gardens of the art deco icon, Villa Necchi Campiglio.

76. Sky-High Mount Dandenong

Stroll with a dog in tow through stunning landscaped gardens, under a canopy of lush eucalyptus at Sky-High’s premier tourist attraction. Do you live within 10km of Sky-High? Then make sure to pick up a free VIP pass.

77. Pitanga

Home of the Pitanga Juice, Pitanga is a Brooklyn based café offering organic food with the bow-wow factor. While the cosy spot is canine friendly, its size is best suited to smaller pups.

78. Alexandra Nurseries

Alexandra Nurseries welcomes you and furry friends to visit their independent garden centre, fit with its own café and vintage shop supporting local suppliers.

79. Burns Beach Café

After a long beach walk, the pups of Perth can be found at Burns Beach Café. There, they can relax on the patio and pick a snack from the café’s à la carte dog menu, Doggy Num Yums.

80. Goodlife Cafe

Sip on your Fairtrade coffee on the heated patio of the Goodlife Café & Bakery. Cosy up with your significant furry other, and only then will you discover the true laid-back living of California.

81. The Pool Cafe

Out with the pup in Pergina Springs and looking for a relaxed breakfast, brunch or lunch? Try The Pool Café, a dog-friendly spot best known for serving a Big Breakfast for just $10.

Image Credit: VisitEmeculaValley.com

82. Maurice Car’rie

Fancy a tipple or two? This winery at the Maurice Car’rie Vineyard is nestled in the heart of the Temecula Wine Valley. Bring the whole family, including the furry companion, but we suggest keeping the sipping to yourself!

83. Buzz Coffee House

A stone’s throw from the ferry terminal, lies the indie Buzz Coffee House, guaranteed to give your dog a buzz. In its dedicated doggy-friendly seating zone, your pup will find plenty of yummy treats and refreshing water.

84. Julians Providence

A quick bite or decadent hor d’oevres - you decide. Julians Providence is the hub of delicious grub, including their very own smoker to bring any BBQ to life. With a ‘4 Bone’ review on BringFido, you know your furry companion is in for a treat.

85. Yarralumla Gallery and The Oaks Brasserie

Yarralumla Gallery and The Oaks Brasserie not only welcomes man’s best friend, it has a dedicated dog menu and garden — it’s alfresco dining for even the furriest of art lovers!

86. Barista

How about an exceptional coffee from the world’s finest roasters? Barista in Portland might just have it sorted. What’s more, there’s plenty of outdoor undercover seating for you and your friendly four-legged followers too.

87. Lemon Poppy Kitchen

Seek out the doggy-friendly seating inside the Lemon Poppy Kitchen. Our members think this is the staple of the neighborhood, so make sure to stop by to experience its zingy local vibes.

88. Lago di Bracciano

Pitch-up with your paws up in this spectacular Italian lakeside camping spot, just moments from the centre of Rome. Lago di Bracciano is the ideal place for a safe and sound doggy paddle. Just bring the ball, and you’ll be set.

89. Cragg Sisters Tearoom

Do you have a love for a good brew? The Cragg Sisters Tearoom brings you some of the freshest food and drink around. No wonder our members and their furry family members recommended it.

Image Credit: LazyDogRestaurants.com

90. Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog is a family orientated restaurant welcoming all creatures great and small. If your dog’s been a good boy or girl, be sure to treat them to a meal from the pet-friendly menu which offers doggy delicacies such as grilled chicken breast and brown rice.

91. Luna Llena

Our members know the local scoop, that’s why they all head down to Luna Llena - the creamiest gelato bar around. If Rover loves a tasty treat too, you could even let him enjoy the last lick.

92. Passport Cafe Hua Hin

With two owners who crave doggy attention, Passport Café Hua Hin in Thailand is a pooch-friendly place offering food that’s out of this world. From Sunday specials to brilliant baking, their food is as warm as their welcome.

93. Lake Eola Park

With a one-mile lake walk local dogs and their walkers love, Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando is a highly recommended community hub for humans and canines alike.

94. Mrs. S Cafe

Visit Mrs. S to treat you and your little four-legged family member to some granny style goodies. Made to fix those rumbling tummies, Mrs. S bakes some delicious creations, enough to get you both drooling.

95. Marks Ridge Winery

Open Friday to Sunday, Marks Ridge Winery is the perfect pup-friendly place to toast to the weekend. Soak up the views, live music and, of course, the wine, while your pooch plays with the resident Goldies.

Image Credit: NabuccoTiramisu.com

96. Nabucco Tiramisu

Craftily named Nabucco Tiramisu offers some of the most delicious sweet treats in Barcelona. Stop for a special artisan coffee, or pop by with your furry companion to grab a tiramisu or two...

97. The Griddle Cafe

Pick up the nationwide exclusive red velvet pancake mix from this landmark Hollywood restaurant, Griddle Café. Word spreads fast about these indulgent treats, meaning the whole family will want to come along - including the four-legged one!

98. Veg Life

Fancy giving the vegan lifestyle a try? Visit Veg Life with your four-legged friend and enjoy some green-fueled goodness together.

99. Molly Malone

As well as being hailed by many as the best Irish-themed pub in Munich, Molly Malone’s offers a warm welcome, great Gaelic grub, and prides itself on being a very pet-friendly place to grab a pint.

100. Bagels & Beans

The atmosphere, the people, and the tranquillity does not go unnoticed inside Bagels & Beans. Four carefully presented cafés stand in and around Amsterdam, and each and every one is open to business for our pooch pals.

We hope our list helps you sniff out your new favourite pet-friendly place. Just be sure to research the spot before setting off, to make sure it’s right for your furry friend.

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