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TrustedHousesitters launched in 2010 with a simple mission: to keep pets happy and safe in their own homes. Since then, we have quickly grown into an incredible global community of pet lovers, who help each other travel.

Every day, we connect thousands of home and pet owners with care-orientated sitters who will look after their home and pets for free, in exchange for a place to stay.

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A global team with a single vision

Real, Enriching, Caring and Connecting. Our values are at the heart of everything we do.

With a shared determination to keep pets happy at home and help pet lovers travel, every member of the TrustedHousesitters team uses their unique set of specialist skills to bring that vision to life.

Meet the team

Andy CEO & Founder
Andy Peck - CEO & Founder

Andy Peck

CEO & Founder

My role is to ensure that we have the happiest team, providing great service. It’s important that pet owners continue to find TrustedHousesitters seamless and invaluable, so we pet sit whenever we can to best know the needs of pets, owners and sitters. My motivation is about genuinely enriching the lives. I’m also chief BBQ organiser and enjoy taking the team for a social or paddle board whenever possible.

My favourite pet sit has been caring for 2 cute labradors, Rufus and Gracie, in a gorgeous mountainside home in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Rachel Co-Founder
Rachel Martin - Co-Founder

Rachel Martin


I co-founded TrustedHousesitters with husband-to-be Andy Peck when we realised there was a real need in the world to offer a solution to pet owners who did not want to use kennels or simply could not travel due to not having the right pet care solution. I’m responsible for the TrustedHousesitters product, which means I take the lead in introducing all the new features to ensure we offer the best solution and continuously improve the experience for everyone. I love listening to member feedback and driving the changes to enhance our offering. I have a huge passion for animals and travel, I’ve traveled around the world 4 times, meaning I love what we have created - and feel immensely inspired by our community of pet lovers, who are all part of this growing trend to share on a global level.

I fell in love with Rufus and Gracie, the labradors while house sitting in Breckenridge, Colorado. I also learnt how to snowboard there too! And if that wasn’t enough, I became friends with the homeowner who is coming to our impending wedding - the connections we make via TrustedHousesitters are truly magical!

Tim Finance
Tim Lyons - Finance

Tim Lyons


I’m the numbers guy. I make sure all the bills get paid and that we can continue to offer our pet-loving community memberships at such great prices, so that more and more people can experience the great benefits and value that TrustedHousesitters has to offer. I’m passionate about pet wellbeing and the fact that our four-legged friends can stay happy at home through our offering.

I’m looking to arrange my first family-friendly pet sit somewhere cosy, in sunny UK.

Georgina Head of Operations
Georgina Richardson - Head of Operations

Georgina Richardson

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations I get to work with a great team of pet passionate, like minded individuals everyday. I am responsible for all things operational within the business, as well as supporting the team to build an inspirational working culture. I truly believe in our community and think that everyone should find a caring house sitter when they go away, it’s just better that way. With one goal in mind I want to help pets live longer, healthier, happier lives and know that TrustedHousesitters offers our pet loving community just that!

Caring for 4 very large dogs in my childhood town over Christmas and New Year, lots of crisp winter, muddy walks and lots of fun!

Will CTO
Will Ogden - CTO

Will Ogden


I look after all the geeky sides of TrustedHousesitters. Since joining the business in early 2014, it's been my pleasure seeing the size of our community grow, and with this growth we've become ever more focused on making sure the website is the best it can be for all our members. I find it wonderfully rewarding being part of a team building something that has such a positive experience on people's lives. We've come a long way since we launched, but we still have a huge number of enhancements in the watch this space!

My ideal house sit would be looking after a Norwegian Tree Cat somewhere in Wales or Scotland (or somewhere hilly so I can mountain bike!).

Lisa QA Analyst
Lisa Logan - QA Analyst

Lisa Logan

QA Analyst

I have been at TrustedHousesitters since we launched in 2010 and have worked across all aspects of the company in this time. I now work with the Product & Development team to ensure that the website is simple to use; so that homeowners can easily find their ideal sitter and house sitters can find wonderful opportunities around the world.

I enjoyed a wonderful house sit in the Welsh countryside looking after two beautiful Golden Retrievers called Honey and Breeze.

Tim Lead Engineer
Tim Rijavec - Lead Engineer

Tim Rijavec

Lead Engineer

I work in the Development department, using buzzwords and fuzzy logic to keep the heart of our website beating with the latest technology. I'm an utter tech-a-holic, incessant learner and a passionate traveler who enjoys the fact that my work plays a role in other people's world-exploring & pet sitting, keeping them happy members and intrigued travellers.

I’ve cared for some wonderful pets in the past and with my wife, we’re currently keeping our eyes open for the opportunity to house sit somewhere cold and wintery, ideally with snow for miles.

Dimitri Web Developer
Dimitri Denisjonok - Web Developer

Dimitri Denisjonok

Web Developer

I am a full-stack web-developer working in the Engineering team ensuring TrustedHousesitters is running smoothly as well as implementing the new features to make the web-site easy to use and navigate.

I’ve completed a house sit in Nottingham in summer 2015, where I looked after two lovely cats. I really enjoyed the experience.

Anssi Web Developer
Anssi Junnola - Web Developer

Anssi Junnola

Web Developer

I work on the website as a Full Stack Developer, fixing bugs and creating new functionality for both front and back end. I am originally from Finland, and moved over with my wife to work in the UK once I completed my Computer Science Studies at university. After seeing how little my family’s dog likes kennels, I like knowing that I’m utilising my technical know-how to help more pets stay at home when their owners go away.

I haven’t experienced a house sit yet, but i’m hoping to travel somewhere in southern Europe very soon!

Eilidh Web Developer
Eilidh Hendry - Web Developer

Eilidh Hendry

Web Developer

I’m an engineer working with the Development team to make the website as enjoyable, and easy to use as possible. I do it because I love technology, and building things that I feel can make a meaningful contribution to people’s lives :)

As a newbie to the company I'm still to go on a house sit, but I’m really looking forward to spending time with some pets, as I can’t have any of my own at the moment :(

Marie UX Designer
Marie Glad - UX Designer

Marie Glad

UX Designer

My passion is to design digital experiences that support an easier, happier and more enhanced life for both pet owners and house sitters. By focusing on user experience (UX) and problem-solving, my aim is to facilitate the needs of users. Ultimately I am helping to build a community that finds a unique place in the hearts of travelling pet lovers, and that makes a difference in the world.

Thanks to Jessie, a TrustedHousesitters member, my husband and I could travel to India for a longer period of time. She cared for our precious cat Lily and sent us lovely photo updates while we were away.

Rob Digital Marketing Manager
Rob Green - Digital Marketing Manager

Rob Green

Digital Marketing Manager

I work in the Marketing team, spreading the word about house sitting to pet owners and potential house sitters who are looking for information online. It feels great to know that we are introducing so many new people to house sitting every day.

My partner and I went to Montenegro where the mountains and coast are really spectacular!

Catherine Membership Marketing Manager
Catherine Loftus - Membership Marketing Manager

Catherine Loftus

Membership Marketing Manager

In my role in the Marketing team, I manage communications with our members to help pet owners and sitters get the most from their membership. I love working closely with our members to share their incredible stories and celebrate the connections they have made and adventures they have shared with new four and two legged friends. As a pet owner myself, I have seen first hand how much happier pets are at home and always find a trusted sitter for my cat when I go away. Look out for my listing on the site!

Caring for two wonderful tuxedo cats, Oscar and Ron, in an apartment overlooking the river Rhine in Basel, Switzerland.

Angela Social Media Manager
Angela Laws - Social Media Manager

Angela Laws

Social Media Manager

As Social Media Manager at TrustedHousesitters I form part of the Marketing team. I'm privileged to share the many wonderful stories and experiences of our amazing community helping inspire others to discover their own travel freedom. Losing my own dog Holly started me on a 10 year house and pet sitting adventure filling my world with beloved pets, amazing human beings and enriching my life beyond measure.

Choosing a favorite is almost impossible ... 6 weeks in Manhattan NY with pets Alfie, Mitzi and Sabrina was pretty special though!

Denise Partnerships
Denise Pritchard - Partnerships

Denise Pritchard


I help to spread the word about the great TrustedHousesitters service via our partners, such as vets. As a pet owner I know how important it is to have a stress free pet care solution when you travel and having someone in your home is definitely the best way to achieve this. Keeping pets in their own surroundings is the best way to keep them happy when their owners travel.

Looking after a gorgeous black Lab called Muldoon in the village of Lower Brailes near Banbury. He was a total gentleman and escorted me wherever I went and always snuggled up to me on the sofa in front of the fire.

Glenise Membership Services Advisor
Glenise Brunt - Membership Services Advisor

Glenise Brunt

Membership Services Advisor

I have been with TrustedHousesitters on the Customer Services team since the company launched. You will find me on live chat during the week.

I have house sat in New York and San Diego, both caring for the same dog, Alfie. Once I retire from full time employment, I will be spending my winters traveling the globe house sitting. I have also had sitters stay in my own home to look after my two Cats, Dylan and Florence, while visiting family in the UK. There is no better way to travel knowing that my furry family are being well taken care of.

Nicole Membership Services Advisor
Nicole  Mahrukh McDonald - Membership Services Advisor

Nicole Mahrukh McDonald

Membership Services Advisor

I ensure that pet owners feel confident about trusting me with the care of two of their most valued "possessions" - their pets and their home. I do this through references and meeting them either in person, on Skype or sometimes on email or phone, this way we are both happy and comfortable with the arrangement. I get to enjoy the company of lovely pets, new locations and environments, meet new and interesting people and have amazing experiences.

Definitely the South of France. We had a lovely old, deaf cat who was adorable. The owners were lovely people and their niece and her husband became our family for the 3 months we were there. We had use of their car, went to the Cannes Film Festival, Prince Ranier's wedding in Monaco, drove into Italy, much more!

Therese Membership Services Advisor
Therese Vandeleur - Membership Services Advisor

Therese Vandeleur

Membership Services Advisor

Being in the Customer Care team, I am privileged to be at the forefront of our member's interface. We encourage and help guide both homeowners and house sitters to connect to make this a win-win for all. We are constantly relaying all the wonderful benefits of travel, free accommodation and living like a local, as well as giving that peace of mind on the home front when doing so.

My 7 week cat sit in Zurich. The home was gorgeous, the cats were so easy to look after and so very affectionate. The hiking was wonderful and exploring Zurich and Alps was amazing.

James Membership Services Advisor
James Lyon-Wilson - Membership Services Advisor

James Lyon-Wilson

Membership Services Advisor

I have worked here in Customer Care for around 18 months now and speak with both pet owners and house sitters from all over the world every day. I am still amazed at all the great listings that appear on the site each day and really enjoy hearing about people's house sitting adventures.

My favourite house sit has been 3 weeks in central Manhattan NYC looking after 2 lovely cats in a 47th floor apartment...although was extremely cold in February!

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