House sitting

Debbie's Story: From Vancouver to London

TrustedHousesitters member, Debbie, came to the UK from Vancouver 20 years ago, and hasn't looked back since. With plenty of house sitting experience up her sleeve, she has some great stories to share with us here at TrustedHousesitters...

TrustedHousesitters Made Our Dream Of Living In New York Come True - Ben & Mariano's Story

Living in the New York is a dream held by many, but residing in one of the world's most desirable city comes at a cost. Ben and Mariano, a young couple with a shared passion for travel, realised their dream after discovering TrustedHousesitters.

How to Write the Perfect House Sitting Application

How do you write that perfect house sitting application? Read our useful tips that will help you secure that dream sit!

Wagging Tongues and Waggier Tails - Communicate your way to pet sitting success

If you want some help on how to best to communicate with an owner before you accept a sit, when you’ve been accepted and during and your sit, read our handy tips here!

Things To Do In Chicago - A House Sitter's Guide

There are many amazing places in Chicago to explore, some on your own, and some with your new surrogate pet in tow. With this in mind, we've put together a guide of things you can do whilst pet sitting in Chicago.

Must Do Activities For House & Pet Sitters In San Diego

From whale watching to seeing the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, join us as we explore some of the must do activities for house sitters in San Diego!

The Most Dog Friendly Places In Los Angeles

We have sent our hounds out to get the scoop on the most dog friendly places for first time pet sitters in Los Angeles, places where you are both certain of getting a pawsome LA welcome

How House Sitting Changed My Life - Hilary's Member Story

Since discovering house sitting and a travel lifestyle, Hilary has once again been able to fill her life with beloved pets, wonderful new friends and unforgettable experiences.

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