How a new business venture blossomed through house and pet sitting

By Chris & Becky | House sitting

Chris and I first heard about TrustedHousesitters when we were planning our first year long trip away to Asia after Chris had sold his business and we were ready to see the world!

We first headed to Thailand, then to Singapore, and Malaysia where we got a taste for Indian food in Penang. There was an incredible restaurant called “Woodlands” where we went every single day! So of course we followed our stomachs…. And guess where we went next? India!

After a little while of travelling, a 3 month long house-sit in Kerala came available as an urgent last minute sit so the very next day we took a flight to the South of India to look after the most gorgeous 3 month year old puppy Bobby who we bonded with so much, we miss him everyday. We got to see him grow up :)

We met some of the most fantastic people who became life long friends. From that day, we were hooked on house sitting. It showed us a great balance between travel and 'living' in a place to become part of a community.

We both work from home… wherever that may be at the time. A housesit in Ireland in January 2015 was were I found inspiration for my wildflower jewellery business, where I collect flowers from all the places we visit all over the world on housesits.

It was cold January and a big storm was brewing. We were staying on the top of a hill on the Donnegal coast with two bouncy Border Collies, “Siog (Irish for Fairy) and Lugh. There was a huge pane glass window in the lounge, and a log fire burning to keep us all cosy and warm. The dogs were curled up beside us as the storm shook the glass.

Looking outside, a sea of leaves were dancing around, being swept away by the high winds. This is where the inspiration came to start making wild flower jewellery.

I collect the wild flowers, dry them and place them in an eco resin to preserve the flower for ever - as beautiful as the day it blew past the window! I make sure to include the whole story of the flower too- from including the photo of the flower, the area it was collected, and the making process. Plus, a “Library” card that tells you what the flower is, when and where it was collected, and medicinal facts about your flower too.

We have now travelled to over 16 countries, and last January we bought a library bus, which is now our home on wheels and how we get around. From that stormy January day in Ireland, curled up with Siog and Lugh, “The Library of Flowers” was born! (or should I say blossomed?)

We have just come back from a 4 month trip around Europe. A month into our trip, we found a perfect housesit in Normandy, France with a little Cockerpoo called Micky.

On our walks, he would pick up feathers and chase them along the beach. Seeing the beauty of a fine feather, I decided to start incorporating curls of fur in my jewellery :)

We stayed in Europe for 5 months and during August we looked after a playful bushcat called Figaro in Ollon, Switzerland - a little villlage filled with wildflowers, and neighbours who delivered plums from their garden every morning. It was idyllic!

We really have found the perfect balance thanks to TrustedHousesitters and we will be renewing our membership every year! 

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