Introducing the Annual Sitter of the Year Awards

By Sally Keegan | News

From rescue pets learning to trust someone new to family finally reuniting in lands far away, the world of TrustedHousesitters is full of wonderful stories. What makes these stories possible? Kind and caring pet sitters.

For all those times you wished you could thank your pet’s sitters in a truly special way, now you can. The Sitter or the Year 2018 Awards has arrived, ready for you to nominate those deserving pet lovers who have helped you travel with true peace of mind this year.

Winners of the awards will receive the ultimate prize for all pet lovers — a lifetime TrustedHousesitters membership. That’s unlimited sits forever, meaning they can spend precious moments with even more pets around the world. To help them win, all you need to do is nominate one or more of your sitters for any of the following five categories:

  1. Above and Beyond

    For the person who showed kindness and care beyond the call of a pet sitter’s duty.


  1. Last-Minute Hero

    For the person who showed up in time to save the day, the holiday, or the all-important family event.


Specialist Care

For the sitter who gave your pet the extra special attention they needed so you could travel with true peace of mind.

My Pet’s New Best Friend

For the sitter who found a special place in your pet’s heart.


  1. Long-Distance Connection

  2. For the sitter from far away who created a close bond with you or your pets.

Have a sitter in mind for this year’s awards? Then simply click the button below to make your nominations now. Entries will close on 3 Jan 2019, so be sure to share your stories in plenty of time.



Want to know who will be carefully reviewing your nominations? You can explore each of the deciding panelist’s profiles below. From TrustedHousesitters team members to owners and sitters from your community, each one is a passionate pet lover with firsthand experience of the wonderful world of house and pet sitting.



Peter & Debs


Passionately leading the pack to find the most deserving winners of this year’s awards is sitter, owner, and TrustedHousesitters CEO, Tim Lyons.

Having enjoyed 63 sits and counting, what our multi-award winning Social Media Manager doesn't know about house and pet sitting isn’t worth knowing.

They say it takes one to know one, making seasoned TrustedHousesitters members Peter and Debs the perfect pair to identify exceptional sitters.

With over six years’ experience choosing the perfect members to care for her beloved pets, George and Charlie, Kathy is an expert at spotting truly special sitters.

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