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By Andy Peck | Travel

Trusted house sitter Mike, enjoys house sitting locally and internationally

House sitting can take you all around the world or just down the road, as one trusted house sitter, Mike Hopkins found out. Sometimes house sitting locally can be just as rewarding, from Panama to his home state, Florida, USA - Mike tells us about his experiences and preferences to house sitting locally versus internationally.

House sitting need not be aeithera nationally (locally) or internationally, it can be both.A In the last eight months Iave house sat four different homes, two internationally (Costa Rica and Panama) and two in my country of origin, the USA.A In fact these two homes were in my home state of Florida with the farthest being about two hours from my home.A My original plan was to only house sit internationally.A But after spending a little over two months in Costa Rica and Panama I returned home only to be informed by my doctors that I needed some surgery and could not travel for about a month after that.A So I modified my plan.

House sitting in Florida, USA

During the interview process for my local house sitting assignments the home owners asked, why donat you just stay at home instead of house sitting for someone you donat even know?A My answer for this is twofold.A First, I enjoy meeting new people, exploring new or unfamiliar places, and helping people.A And secondly, In my previous employment as an independent international logistics contractor and in the military, I traveled a lot and I just donat want to stop.
The actual house sit does not differ much whether youare sitting locally or internationally.A You still respect and take care of the house, pets, and property as if it were you own.A You keep in contact with the home owner and keep up your part of the house sitting agreement.A However here are a couple of benefits in sitting locally; no passport is required, no immigrations and customs clearance, you already know the language and culture (for the most part), and you have the option to take your own transportation.A
If youare just starting out as a house sitter, sitting locally gives you a taste what to expect without adding in the stress of international travel and living.A Your expenses will still be greatly reduced by not having to pay for lodging, cooking your own meals, and the excitement of meeting new people and exploring is the same.

Dog sitting - looking after a home and pets while the owner is away

For me, no matter where Iam house sitting, I take day trips in the surrounding areas.A I make it a point to visit tourist attractions (if they are close enough), parks, museums, restaurants, meet some locals, and just about anything else that sounds appealing.A Since being in the home at night is one thing I guarantee the home owner, I also keep busy at night by bettering myself through reading, learning and working on ways to promote my house sitting and freelance writing.A
While sitting in Costa Rica and Panama I completed certification to teach English as a foreign language and started a blog (Travel Thru My Eyes).A And in Florida, I expanded my aTravel Thru My Eyesa exposure by developing a social media page on Facebook and a website.

House sitting lets you see the world or your own backyard!

So, the bottom line is, if youare looking at house sitting through a telescope with a single lens of being aeithera national (local) or international, do yourself a favor and put it away, and get out your binoculars.A Youall not only get to see more of the world, but you can explore your own backyard with similar savings and rewards.
Submitted by Trusted House Sitter - Mike

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