How To Enjoy A Budget Family Holiday

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The Abrams family enjoy house sitting around the world via

“When we discovered House Sitting it opened up all sorts of travel opportunities for us” 

How? By house sitting, via a website called In return for caring for a registered homeowners house & pets, free accommodation is available in 130 countries around the world.

"We spent last autumn in Yorkshire and Christmas in beautiful Brecon. We loved both experiences and so did our kids. We've cared for dogs, cats and ducks. Outside of the UK, we have done house-sits in Croatia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It's a magnificent way to discover new areas and meet new people. Through house sitting, we've ended up in places we otherwise wouldn't have chosen to go - and never regretted it" said Claude.


6 Reasons House Sitting Makes A Great Family Vacation

Cost-free accommodation
Looking at the prices for renting a cottage or villa suitable for a family can be enough to put an end to your holiday dreams. But imagine if all you had to pay for was a way to get there. offers many house sitting opportunities in family homes around the world - from the UK to Australia. It's a great way to enjoy a budget family holiday with free accommodation.

    1. Family house sitting opportunity in Cornwall

No more peak season constraints
Having school-age children means you are confined to travel during school holidays when prices are highest. Fortunately, house sitting overcomes this, as most opportunities fall during these times when the homeowners are going on their travels too, meaning it's perfect for both parties.

Save on eating out costs
House sits usually come with a good kitchen and nearby food markets where you'll find plenty of local produce. Not only does this mean you save money on taking the family to eat out every day, but it also makes it easier to accommodate those fussy eaters too.

    1. Food shopping in local markets helps you save money while house sitting

Weather-proof enjoyment
There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a hotel room with children in the rain - having the run of a great house sit with all the mod-cons means you can relax and enjoy the home comforts, especially when the weather turns bad.

    1. No more boring rain days with house sitting

Swerve the tourist traps
House sitting helps avoid busy resorts and can introduce you and your children to interesting local communities. By getting off-the-beaten-track, you'll probably discover a far more unique adventure than you'd find in any guidebook, and you can go home feeling that you have given the children educational trip, as well as a holiday!

    1. Avoid the tourist trap by house sitting

Four-legged friends
As the majority of house sits include adorable pets to care for, what could be more fun for the kids to enjoy having a new puppy to play with or a cat to stroke?

    1. Dog sitting is fun for the kids!

To find their house sitting opportunities Claude and Jamie joined, which costs just $119 (£89) to register and create an easy to do profile, which homeowners can view, whilst also opening the door to endless travel opportunities. A daily email alert is sent out with the latest house sitting opportunities and registered sitters can apply directly to the homeowner via the secure online messaging service.

The service also saves families money if they need their home and pets cared for while they are away from home. A traditional house sitting agency can easily cost in excess of $100 a day. Alternatively, daily kennel and cattery costs can also add up drastically, and home security can sometimes be a concern too. From just $119, families can register their home with and find a house sitter, who is happy to house and pet sit free of charge in return for a free retreat. Many UK homeowners are using this altruistic service to find their ideal house sitters, both saving money and providing peace of mind that their pets are being cared for and their homes are safe.

The Abrams family - TrustedHousesitters

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