5 fun facts to celebrate Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Danielle Petch

September 1st is a very special day for cat lovers. Not only is it Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, it also marks the very first day of Happy Cat Month — although, we think that should be a regular monthly event! So, in celebration of this cat-centric day, we’ve gathered together some fun facts about these fabulous felines…

They are usually male

In fact, around 80% of all ginger cats are male. It’s still largely unknown as to why this is, but it has been suggested that their genetic makeup is a big contributing factor. On the flip side, calico cats (who are one-third ginger) are almost always female!

They love to eat

It’s not just coincidence that popular cartoon kitty, Garfield is known for his love of food! In fact, ginger cats famously have very healthy appetites. Unfortunately, this love of food often means they're more prone to overeating and obesity, so make sure to keep a close eye on what your curious kitty is consuming. 

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You’ll probably spot one on your television screen soon...

From Orangey, the famous marmalade tabby that shared a screen with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, to the more recent Street Cat Named Bob, it seems ginger cats really were made for the spotlight. There’s even been a famous long line of ginger cats take up residence at Winston Churchill’s home (all named Jock), a request that was decreed by the former UK prime minister himself.

They come in four different coat types

You’ve probably already noticed that ginger cats have the most wonderful markings on their fur, but did you know they typically come in four different variations? Here are the different distinctions…

  • Mackerel - this is the most common type of coat and is the classic striped, tiger-like appearance you’re probably most familiar with.
  • Classic - the Classic tabby has a dark marbled appearance, usually appearing in swirls or circles.
  • Spotted - as the name suggests, Spotted tabby cats have very distinctive dark spots dotted around their coats, and is the same markings often seen on Bengal cats. 
  • Ticked - finally, Ticked tabbies have speckled markings (also known as agouti markings) which are striped with alternating light and dark strands.

They’re known for being friendly... and adorable

According to research conducted by the University of California — although, we knew that anyway! In fact, we reckon most ginger cat enthusiasts could tell you that their kitty has the trademark laid-back, friendly and easy-going personality often attributed to this type of cat. Perhaps it’s this shining reputation that means they are also one of the most popular types of cat to be adopted from shelters. 

Have you got a ginger kitty filling up your phone’s camera roll? We’d love to see them! Share your special snaps with us over on our Facebook page, or tag us in your photos on Instagram using #ThankYouPets.

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