Random Acts of Kindness Day: Share your thanks

Danielle Petch

Kindness is at the core of what we at TrustedHousesitters do, so with Random Acts of Kindness Day fast approaching, it only seems right that we celebrate by thanking our members, existing and new.

And to kickstart the day's celebrations, our CEO, Mathew Prior, wanted to extend his very own special thank you…

Team Trusted (both our human and our four-legged team members...) also wanted to share a few special messages to the community…

On Random Acts Kindness Day (17th February), we’ll be inviting the whole community to come and spread the kindness with us via our Facebook page. Tag the people you’d like to thank or write a special message of kindness for someone you know on our Random Acts of Kindness post, and help spread the love this #RAK Day! 

How to get involved on Facebook

  1. Head to TrustedHousesitters Facebook page and locate our Random Acts of Kindness post
  2. Head to the comments section and post your message. This could be a thank you to someone who has helped you out in a time of need, or a simple heartfelt message to someone who deserves it. There are no rules — except of course, be kind!
  3. Press post, and get ready to brighten someone’s day. Warning: side effects may include warm, fuzzy feelings and involuntary smiling!

Remember: don’t forget to tag your friends if they’re on Facebook, and include the hashtags #RAK and #RandomActsOfKindnessDay in your post. 

We’ll also be sharing messages of thanks and kindness over on our Instagram Stories, too, so make sure to share them with us by tagging us @TrustedHousesitters and using the hashtags #RAK and #RandomActsOfKindnessDay.

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