Australia's top female dog names

Kate Waddon
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Welcoming a new furry friend into the family is so exciting! If your house is expecting the patter of pawsteps, the number one question from most of your friends (well, after “When can I meet her?”), is “What are you going to call her?”

It’s really important to choose the right name for your pet, and happily, we have a great collection of female dog names to share with you. From the cute (Cookie) to the more unusual (Gadget), we have a great choice of Australian girl dog names to inspire you.

At TrustedHousesitters, we've encountered so many cool female dog names over the last ten years, and we’d love to share some of our favourites with you. Prepare for an onslaught of cuteness...

Australia’s Top 50 Female Dog Names

Let’s start with a list of the most popular girl puppy names, as reported by family site Mum Central. As we found with the boys, the best-loved female dog names are inspired by favourite names for (human) little girls. 

  1. Bella
  2. Molly
  3. Coco
  4. Ruby
  5. Lucy
  6. Bailey
  7. Daisy
  8. Rosie
  9. Lola
  10. Frankie
  11. Roxie
  12. Poppy
  13. Luna
  14. Bonnie
  15. Pepper
  16. Lily
  17. Tilly
  18. Maggie
  19. Mia
  20. Marley
  21. Harley
  22. Lady
  23. Chloe
  24. Lulu
  25. Missy
  26. Nala
  27. Zoe
  28. Stella
  29. Sasha
  30. Willow
  31. Penny
  32. Honey
  33. Milly
  34. Holly
  35. Lilly
  36. Pippa
  37. Shadow
  38. Lucky
  39. Sam
  40. Ellie
  41. Jessie
  42. Cookie
  43. Ella
  44. Lexie
  45. Sophie
  46. Chilli
  47. Billie
  48. Scout
  49. Charlie
  50. Cleo

With the exception of maybe Shadow and Lucky (and possibly Nala, but who knows?), this list wouldn’t be out of place on a kindergarten register! We love this trend of sharing real family names with our pups.

Has this list of the best female dog names given you any ideas? To help you narrow it down, we’ve come up with a few other lists of female dog names, from unique to funny.

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Australia’s Top Female Dog Names Unique

Are you looking for a name that’s a little bit different? Certainly, it’s easier at puppy training classes if your dog isn’t yet another Bella or Coco (lovely as those names are). Here's our selection of the top unique female dog names and meaning, as some of these are so unusual they need a bit of explanation…

  1. Artemis (goddess of hunting)
  2. Hermione (we love a good female character, best shortened to Hermy)
  3. Moana (this tough Disney princess loves the ocean, so if you have a sea-dog…)
  4. Kelpie (if she’s a hunter)
  5. Possum (only in Straya…)
  6. Saffron (for golden girls)
  7. Nana (from Peter Pan)
  8. Brindabella (for the larger pooch)
  9. Perdita (one of the many Dalmatians)
  10. Allegra (a good name for fast-moving pups and the name of Hugh Jackman’s pet)

Actually, thinking of Hugh Jackman, Wolverine would be a pretty awesome name for a dog, too, male or female. Even if these aren’t the right names for your little girl, we hope it’s given you some ideas of where you can look: books, films, mythology, Aussie movie stars’ pets…

Australia’s Top 10 Cute Female Dog Names

When our new baby girls look up at us with those adoring big eyes, it’s almost inevitable that we’ll give them a cute name. Of course, this tiny bundle might grow up to be a massive Doberman or Deerhound, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a cute little name. 

Here are some of our favourite cute female dog names. Get ready to squeal…

  1. Roo
  2. Bambi
  3. Pixie
  4. Jellybean
  5. Pippin
  6. Pepper
  7. Biscuit (or Biccie)
  8. Dory
  9. Pumpkin
  10. Boots

And of course, the fashion for human-style names for girl dogs is also super-cute. Scamper forward Daisy, Tilly, Milly, Molly, Lucy, Rosie, Bonnie, Mia...

Australia’s Top Strong Female Dog Names

Of course, cute isn’t to everyone’s taste and many pet parents prefer to give a strong female dog name. We love this idea, and look forward to hearing “Daenerys, fetch!” shouted across the park. If you think your dog has the right demeanour, take a look at these suggestions.

  1. Rebel (Wilson, of course)
  2. Diva
  3. Ninja
  4. Artemis
  5. Arya
  6. Ripley (wrestler or Alien. Both are good)
  7. Blaze
  8. Queen 
  9. Gaia
  10. Athena

We also liked Cate, Germain, Elle and of course, Queen Kylie, after some top, tough Aussie women.

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Australia’s Top Unusual Female Dog Names

In Australia, we’ve always loved the weird and wonderful, and our love of the unusual is shown in these fantastic monikers. If you want your pet to stand out from the pack, check out these unusual female dog names.

  1. Birdie
  2. Boo
  3. Norah
  4. Espresso
  5. Frida
  6. Bellatrix
  7. Dorothy
  8. Zia
  9. Scout
  10. Pickle

Food seems to be a popular source of cute and unusual female dog names. What’s your favourite snack or dish? Will we be pet sitting for Pizza, Chips, Banana, Peanuts or Chardonnay any time soon?

Australia’s Top Funny Female Dog Names

And of course, we couldn’t leave without a list of the names that made us chuckle. If you have the guts to call out these names, good on you, and we know you’ll bring a smile to your neighbours' faces! Only Australians would name their dogs:

  1. Tinny (seriously, it’s a really cute word)
  2. Sheila (what else do you name a female dog?!)
  3. Barbie (after all, it’s where your dog will want to hang out…)
  4. Queenie (for Queensland pets)
  5. Stubby (perfect for Dachshunds and Corgis)
  6. Chrissie (for winter pups)
  7. Sunny (Sunshine coast pooches)
  8. Dingo (good name for a really small, fluffy dog)
  9. Vegemite (cute name for a tiny pup. Vege-mite, get it?)
  10. Muriel (bring out the Abba for this classic Aussie name)

We are so, so hoping to hear these names being shouted out on the beach. 

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As well as finding the best cute, funny or completely off-the-wall female dog names, there are also a few things to take into account when choosing your pup’s new moniker. Here are a few things to take into account:

  • One or two syllables makes it easier for the dog. So, if you want to use a strong female dog name like Boudicca, prepare to call her Boo
  • Start with a consonant. Apparently, this is also easier for a dog to hear. Game of Thrones fan? Your Stark dog is better off as a Sansa than an Arya
  • Make sure it can’t be misheard. If you have a Sam in the house, don’t name your pooch Sammy. It’ll just end in confusion, for dog and human alike
  • Your pup will grow up. An ironic name can be really funny, but a Great Dane really doesn’t suit Tinkerbell or Baby
  • Always remember: you have to call your dog in from the garden or shout for her across the beach or park. Your kids will find it hilarious as you holler “Woof!” from the back door, but the joke may wear thin for you...

We hope that’s helped to narrow your search even further. But what if there’s a complicated name that you simply love? Well, there’s no reason why your dog can’t be like a racehorse with a professional name and a stable name. If you really want to call your dog Lady Marmalade of Brisbane (unlikely, we know), she can always be known as Lady at home.

If you have a new feline friend in the family, check out our latest list of some really cute cat names.

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