Top Apps for Dog Owners

Kelly Jones

From tracking your food and fitness to finding love, there’s an app for almost everything these days. And with the continuing rise of dog owners around the world, it’s no surprise that there are also plenty of dog apps to enhance the lives of our furry friends.

With so many to choose from, we’ve done some digging and sniffed out the best apps for dog owners like you. So, whether you’d like expert pet advice in your pocket or want to track your four-pawed runaway, here are the apps to get your paws on.


Listing thousands of dog-friendly beaches, parks, hotels and cafes around the world, the BringFido app is a must-have if you’re planning a day trip with your pup.

The app’s 'nearby' function makes it simple and easy to find your nearest dog-friendly establishment, wherever you are. Dog owners can also use the app to find the nearest vet, groomer, or walker. And, as much of the content is crowdsourced, the app is constantly being updated with new locations. So, if your pup’s favourite place isn't listed already, be sure to add it yourself — you can even add a cute pic of your pal enjoying their day out.

Pet Coach

What concerned dog owner hasn't turned to the internet for answers when worried about their pooch? However, the web can be full of conflicting information and cause even more confusion.

By downloading PetCoach, you’ll have direct access to certified veterinary experts who can clear up your concerns. Whether it’s a quick question about your doggy’s diet or you’d like training tips, you can ask questions privately or search through public questions posed by like-minded pooch owners. The best part is, this dog app is completely free.

Finding Rover

There are few things more distressing than losing your precious pooch. Fortunately, the Finding Rover app can help reunite missing dogs with their owners by offering a clever facial recognition software.

Simply download the app and take a snap of your dog's face, and it will be uploaded to the Finding Rover database — the clever canine app even includes a bark noise feature to encourage your pup to look straight into the camera for the perfect shot. Then, when a fellow app user spots a stray dog, they simply take a picture of the pooch too. The app will then scan the database and, if it recognises the pooch, help reunite it with its owners.


Looking for pet care your pooch will love as much as you do? The TrustedHousesitters app makes it easier than ever to connect with like-minded pet lovers who won’t charge a penny to keep your pets safe at home while you’re away.

It’s free to download, so you can explore the caring community of home and pet sitters without paying. If you’d then like to connect with a sitter, you’ll need to sign up for an annual membership, which is just £89 a year.

Pet First Aid

The Pet First Aid app by the American Red Cross could help you save your beloved dog or help you preserve your precious cat’s nine lives. With plenty of first aid guides, step-by-step instructions, and how-to videos, the free app prepares you to deal with emergencies all owners dread, such as accidental poisoning or allergic reactions.

Dog Monitor

Paws up, who hates being parted from their pooch and spends hours wondering what their dog’s up to? If this is you, then take a look at the Dog Monitor app.

The clever dog app allows you to quickly and easily turn any two iOS devices into a full-featured dog monitor. You can then use the app to check on your dog while you’re at work, get notifications when they’re barking, and even let them know they’re a good boy by talking to them remotely. Of course, you’ll need to download the app onto two separate devices and it will cost you £4.99, but it’s a much cheaper alternative to CCTV camera systems.  

Meet My Dog

Dogs are highly sociable animals, so it makes sense for them to have their very own social network. So, before you try setting up a Facebook for Fido, we’d recommend checking out Meet My Dog.

Meet My Dog is a free private network dedicated to dogs that helps you find and connect with other local owners in the community. It’s great for finding out who’s down at the dog park, sharing photos of you and your pup pals, and setting up puppy play dates.

Whistle Legacy

As a dog owner, one of the most worrisome thoughts is the possibility of your pooch running away. Fortunately, it’s now relatively inexpensive to find a smart device to sync with your phone and provide up-to-the-second readings on your pup’s location.

One popular device for dog owners is the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, which lets you track your dog at up to 3,000 miles away. While the tracker itself is $59.00, the app is free to download. As well as notifying you when your dog ventures beyond your specified area, the app will also update you on your dog’s daily stats such as distance covered and calories burnt.  


What dog owner doesn't love seeing their dog’s tail wagging when they announce its time for walkies? And now, there’s an ingenious app that gives you even more reason to lace up your shoes, leash up your dog, and head out the door.

ResQWalk is a mobile app for dog owners that donate money to animal shelters every time someone signs in and goes for a walk. On a weekly basis, the app will announce a donation pool and, for a specific shelter to receive donations from the pool, it simply needs dog walkers to sign into the app before they set off on a walk. So, if you’d like to make your pooch’s steps count, download the app today.

Downloaded any other great apps for dog owners?

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