8 things to know if you’re working from home with pets

Sophie Main

With many of Team Trusted’s pets making regular appearances in our office, we’re pretty used to working alongside pawed professionals. So for those of you who have suddenly found yourself working from home with a pet, we thought we’d share some important insights about your cute new coworker...

8 things to know about your cute new coworker 

  1. They’re so excited to have you around. After all, you’re the best person ever. 

“You mean you’re home for good? This is the best day, ever!” 

2.  They’ll be concerned about your high levels of screen time.

“Tell me, what is it you do again?”

3. They’re not trying to distract you. They’re trying to help…

“One moment please, Susan. Let me just ask my owner— um, I mean my manager.”

4. Some even have groundbreaking ideas. If only they could talk… 

“I’ve got it, the answer they’ve been looking for!” 

5. As your new coworker, they promise they won’t get distracted— oh wait, was that a squirrel at the window? 

“You work, I’ll take the first watch.” 

6. Sure, they may need more snack breaks than your average coworker.

“Can I interest you in a team biscuit break?” 

7. And you may catch them napping on the job.

“I’m just resting my eyes… and my head, torso and limbs too.”

8. But don’t forget to cherish this time with them. We’re sure they will… 

If you’re lucky enough to have a pet in your life, they probably provide you with plenty of cuddles, companionship and joy — which is needed more than ever right now. So why not join us in thanking them during this difficult time? 

Simply post a picture of your cute companion, and be sure to tag @TrustedHousesitters and include #ThankYouPets, so your post can help brighten the day of other pet lovers too. And if you want to find even more things to smile about, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up to our emails to brighten up your inbox too

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