10 signs someone is Team Dog

Annie Hearfield

For most of us, the idea of approaching someone you haven’t met before doesn’t come naturally. But have you noticed how much easier it is to bond with a stranger once you learn they're a dog lover like you? 

To help you sniff out and befriend fellow dog fans, we've put together the top 10 signs someone is as canine crazy as you are...

1. When they remember a dog’s name but not the owner’s… 

Sorry, I forgot your name — but hello to Fido!

2.  When they enjoy pointing out dogs as they pass by on the street 

Usually accompanied by an exclamation of "dog!" or "good boy incoming"

3. When at least one of their pockets contains a poo bag

Unused, of course...

4. When you spot them crossing the road to ask a complete stranger, "Can I say Hi to your dog” ... and they do

“Hi, you don’t know me but you have a very nice dog”

5. When they’re clearly suspicious of someone who claims not to like dogs

How could anyone not like dogs?!

6. When their social media accounts are full of pictures of pups 

Got loads of adorable #dogpics? Why not share them with us using the hashtag #TrustedTales

7. When they know the name of people’s dogs, but not their partners’…

“Have I mentioned my amazing dog Alfie before?”

8. When they don’t mind slobbery face licks and wet nose kisses

There’s no other type of animal on this earth I’d let lick my face…

9. When they’re in the firing line of the post-dip-in-the-water shake. And they don’t care

It’s fine I didn’t want to be dry anyway

10. When they’re not angry to their find their unattended sandwich has been devoured by an adorable Labrador 

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You’re now all set to spot a fellow member of Team Dog. So whether they're a new coworker or someone who's just moved to the area, if they’re displaying these dog-loving signs, you can be sure you won’t stay strangers for long.

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