A happy 2020 with TrustedHousesitters

Sophie Main

Happy New Year, everyone! Who's ready for another wonderful year of helping each other travel while keeping pets happy at home? 

If you’re yet to discover TrustedHousesitters for yourself, be sure to join our 20-day celebration of some of the special reasons to love being part of the community. That’s 20 days, 20 reasons, and there will even be wonderful prizes to win along the way…

20 days, 20 reasons, and special prizes along the way

20 reasons you’ll love an owner membership

From receiving precious pictures of your pets while you’re away to being able to travel with true peace of mind, there are so many reasons owners love their membership. Discover a different one for the first 20 days of 2020, and keep an eye out for the mystery prizes along the way.

20 reasons you’ll love a sitter membership 

Whether it’s waking up in wonderful places around the world or spending time with the pet of your dreams, there are so many reasons to love being a sitter member. Be sure to discover a different one for the first 20 days of the year, including unmissable prizes. 

If you’re already a TrustedHousesitters member, you have your very own reasons for loving your membership. And we’d love to hear them…

Already enjoying TrustedHousesitters? Win one of 20 free annual memberships… 

Yes, during the 20-day celebration, members can share their reason for loving TrustedHousesitters for the opportunity to win a years free membership. 

To enter, all you need to do is: 

  • Like and follow the TrustedHousesitters Facebook page
  • Share the reason you love being a member in the comments section of the competition post 
  • Wait to see if your reason is selected as one of the top 20 to feature on our blog 

So whether it’s the joy of being welcomed into homes by a wet nose or you’re an owner loving your new-found freedom, be sure to share your winning reason before the competition closes on 20 January. 

To find out more about the competition, take a look at the Terms and Conditions

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