Juliet and Rob | Winners of Sit of the Year 2019

Sally Keegan

At the end of 2019, we asked you all to look back and celebrate the special pets and people you met through TrustedHousesitters. 

After reading through so many wonderful stories (through both tears, laughter and deliberation) our judges finally found the winners of The Trusted Awards 2019. 

We are proud to share with you the full story of Juliet and Rob, the winners of Sit of the Year 2019 as nominated by Christina…

Meet the winners of Sit of the Year 2019 

This was our second sit and being 'newbies', it was a little nerve-wracking looking after her precious dog and cat, as well as her 'Quinta' with hectares of land and three holiday homes (although they were unlet at the time). 


From the minute we arrived, Juliet and Rob could not have been more accommodating and friendly if they'd tried. And they'd let us have their 'premier' Casa to stay in, which was an amazing space. We felt so spoilt. 


Casa Verde was an upside down house, so our bedroom and bathroom was on the ground floor and the kitchen and living area was on the first floor. It was glorious. The terrace was as wide as the house, and we sat there most mornings over breakfast, lunch and dinner, looking out at the fabulous views, overlooking the pool, and watching the odd goat herd in a nearby field. Can life get any better? 


The 'Quinta' was so amazing we hardly left it, apart from going into the nearby town for lunch or shopping. Then we’d rush back to be with Cinza and Tigs and settle back into Casa Verde, with local food to cook, and a glass or three of local wine on the terrace. With Conza at our feet and Tigs completely ignoring us as he went off into the sunset to do whatever he spent his time doing, content in the knowledge we’d be around in the morning to feed him, should he so wish it.


When we met the adorable Cinza, we fell in love immediately. An adorable little girl, she'd had a hard start in life and Juliet and Rob had adopted her quite recently. Cinza had separation issues, as she'd been locked in a garage for most of her life with no human company. She certainly landed on her paws with Juliet and Rob, and had come on leaps and bounds to become a fabulously friendly and social little girl who loved being the centre of your world for the first time in her life. We adored her. 


Tigs, their outdoor cat that had adopted them, was a joy. So funny and independent, everything was on his terms, and we loved the fact he'd wander around the fields with us and Cinza on our numerous walks, whilst we tidied up, or picked apricots or figs. 


Juliet encouraged us to pick whatever we wanted from the trees and her vegetable patch whilst they were away, so we picked figs and apricots for jam as well as herbs, tomatoes and lettuces, and helped ourselves to lavender to make little bags for drawers and wardrobes. She is such a generous host. As it was my birthday at the end of our stay, she even bought me a gift from their holiday, along with some homemade soap. 


We had the luxurious pool to ourselves, words cannot describe how luxurious, and Cinza and Tigs would sit there watching us and sunbathe with us everyday. Oh, and Cinza would run around the pool and bark at us!Such wonderful memories. The best one though, was that Cinza would literally squeal with delight when she saw me in the mornings, such was her joy in knowing that her humans had not abandoned her. hen Juliet & Rob arrived back home, she was a little bewildered and did not know whether to leave my side, and then thought, 'hang on, my other humans are back!’, and bounded over to them. 

At that moment, I knew we'd done a good job of looking after her. Priceless!

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