Suzan and Liz | Sitter of the Year Winners 2019

Sally Keegan

At the end of 2019, we asked you all to look back and celebrate the special pets and people you met through TrustedHousesitters. 

After reading through so many wonderful stories (through both tears, laughter and deliberation) our judges finally found the winners of The Trusted Awards 2019. 

We are proud to share with you the full story of Suzan and Liz, the winners of Sitter of the Year 2019 as nominated by Penelope…

Meet the winners of Sitter of the Year 2019 

"We have long used TrustedHousesitters to find friends for our pets whilst we have been away from home and have met some wonderful people. This summer two delightful ladies came to Cyprus to stay in our home. We hit it off straight away and had no hesitation in leaving them in charge for three months. 

We have two cats, Max and Lucy. Max had had a minor operation a few weeks before we left and had recovered well. The vet was pleased with his recovery so we had no worries about leaving him."

"A few weeks into the sit Max became very ill. Susan and Liz did not hesitate as they rushed him to the vet. To cut a rather long story short eventually Max required major surgery. Throughout all this they kept their cool, talked to the vet and us and cared for a rather distressed cat to absolute perfection.

When Max returned home he needed 24 hour care and a sterile environment so no germs got into his wound. Susan and Liz provided all this, mopped up wee from everywhere because he had no control and cuddled, slept with, and gave so much love to Max that I know he would never have survived without them.

There is no way I can thank them enough and I feel they deserve to win this award for the exemplary way in which, with calm dignity, they saved my cats life."

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