5 Things to Avoid When Leaving Your Dog Alone

Danielle Petch
A small black and white dog looking at the camera

As much as we'd love to have our pets with us wherever we go, the truth is they much prefer staying at home!

Luckily, there are a few things we pet owners can do to help our pets feel more relaxed when we can't be there. So, we've banded together with the folks behind Off the Leash to share the top 5 things you should always avoid when leaving your pooch home alone... 

1. Don't leave your pooch with too much pent-up energy

Before you need to head out, be sure to give your dog plenty of exercise and treat them to a nice long walk. This should tucker them out a bit, making them more likely to curl up on the sofa for a snooze.

2. Don't forget the goods!

Give your dog something to keep them occupied while you're away. A food puzzle or a new toy will help to keep them distracted and entertained until you're back.

3. Avoid leaving them in unfamiliar surroundings

Our pets love their own homes. So, leave them somewhere they feel comfortable and where they are surrounded by familiar sights, smells and belongings. And if your pooch doesn't relish the idea of being alone, why not turn on the television or the radio for some extra company?

4. Try to avoid making a fuss

We know, leaving our pets is never fun — for us or them. But the more you make of it, the more your pooch will think it's something to fear. So, check they've got everything they need, give them a pat goodbye, and head out the door. In this instance, less is more (at least until they figure out a way we can finally text our dogs. We live in hope...)

5. And finally, never leave them alone for too long

Dogs thrive on human companionship and company, so be mindful of how long your pooch can be left home alone. Most experts agree that dogs shouldn't be left for longer than around four hours a day (even less for puppies).

With thanks to Off the Leash for these cartoons! For even more great doggy cartoons, be sure to visit their website or Facebook page.

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