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While us humans enjoy escaping our daily routines from time to time, it’s clear that our pets love theirs. It’s no surprise then that more and more cat owners are opting for in-home cat sitting over traditional boarding catteries when they travel.

 If, like many other pet owners, you’ve been searching for a kind alternative to catteries, then cat sitting may be the answer you’re looking for.

With cat sitting, you can travel knowing your kitty is safe and happy in their own home environment. But where do you begin? From professional cat sitting services to the cat sitters who care for pets for free, here’s everything you need to know… 

Cat sitting services vs boarding catteries

So when it comes to booking your holiday pet care, which is best for keeping your cat purring while you’re away? 

Boarding catteries, while probably the most common type of cat care, can be stressful. When your cat is taken out of its home environment and suddenly surrounded by new and unfamiliar smells, it can be a distressing environment for both pets and their owners. And that's before all of the hassle that comes with attempting to transport your cat there.

On the other hand, cat sitting services — in particular, in-home cat sitting services — keep your kitty in the one place they feel truly relaxed — their own home. Vets around the world agree that it’s the pet care alternative to catteries that cats prefer.

How much does cat sitting cost? 

The average cost of a cat sitter can vary greatly, depending on the duration of your holiday, the level of care they are giving and the type of cat sitting they provide. Our blog post, What are normal pet sitting rates?, goes into detail about how much you can expect to pay for a pet sitter. 

Of course, if you’d prefer to keep your cat in the care of someone who pet sits for free, then joining TrustedHousesitters may be the perfect solution. 

In our caring community, none of our pet sitters charge to care of people’s cats — or any other pet, for that matter! Put simply, they pet sit because they love animals and the unique experiences that pet sitting offers. And, because they’re not motivated by money, you can be sure that your kitty is in the safe hands of a fellow cat lover.

Find a cat sitter near you

When searching for a cat sitter, there are many places you can look. Professional cat sitters usually advertise their services online or on their own website. You can also find a local cat sitter near you by checking out your local area’s notice boards, or at veterinary practices.

The other option is to find a cat sitting website. On TrustedHousesitters, you can connect with thousands of caring cat sitters to keep your kitty purring while you're away. As well as reading their profiles and exploring their pictures, you can read references and reviews from other pet owners — just like Mary Beth, who found the perfect cat sitter to care for her two beloved cats, Ted and Red...

“I can honestly say this website has changed my life for the better, wondering if my husband and I would ever be able to travel again after taking two beautiful cats that needed a home. I could not imagine putting them in a kennel and I needed someone to be in the house full-time. All the sitters we've had have been absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for developing this network of support.” — Mary Beth, Owner, Australia

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Like Mary Beth, many pet owners choose to use TrustedHousesitters over paid cat sitting services because of the mutual trust and shared love of pets involved. Much more than a just free cat sitter, Alison, an owner from the UK, loves the fact that no money exchanges hands between our members, as it means she can find a cat sitter she can truly trust: 

“TrustedHousesitters has changed my life! It is such a brilliant system that relies on goodwill with no money exchanging hands. My partner and I can actually go away together instead of taking turns going away on solo trips, secure in the knowledge that our two cats will be well cared for and happy. I have just waved goodbye to my fourth trusted house sitter and she was as charming, responsible and efficient as the first three.” — Alison, Owner, UK

Plus, with sitter verifications and a range of trust and safety tools behind you, you can connect with confidence

How to find the right cat sitter

With so many kind and caring cat sitters to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

Some key things to keep in mind when choosing your pet's perfect cat sitter include their previous pet sitting experience, whether they suit your specific needs, and if they click with your kitty. Our blog post, 7 things to look for in your next pet sitter will help you to know what to look for in a next cat sitter so that you can head off on your next trip with total peace of mind.

Need a helping paw?

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