Pet sitters: the alternative to catteries your feline friend will prefer

Liam Beauchamp

You may enjoy occasionally escaping your daily routine, but your cat loves theirs. That’s why more and more owners are on the lookout for an alternative to catteries for when they’re away. If you’re searching for someone to look after your cat and want a pet care solution that both you and your moggy will prefer, pet sitters are the answer.

Here are just five reasons why:

1. Vets say pets are happiest at home…

Cats are territorial creatures of habit; in the wild, they naturally occupy areas which they designate by scent marking and, to feel safe and secure, domestic cats do the same in your home.

Moving your cat away from this familiar space and into a cattery will mean exposing them to a whole world of alien sights and smells. This can cause our feline friends stress, which could be completely avoided by letting them stay safe and snug at home with a sitter. In fact, we conducted a study in which 100% of the veterinary experts we asked agreed that pets respond better to a new carer rather than a new environment.

2. They get to snuggle up safely in their own bed…

There’s nothing quite like getting into your own bed at night, and it’s no different for cats. After a long day of bird watching, post scratching, and playing with their favourite toys, your cat wants to snooze in their own safe space, whether that’s a comfy cat bed or a spot on your sofa.

No matter how luxurious a cattery cage or bed, it can’t compare to your cat’s usual sleeping spot. By choosing a caring and trusted pet sitter, you can let your cat nap happily in their own home, night after night.

3. Pet sitters provide one-to-one care…

While cats are known for being a little aloof, it’s a common misconception that they don’t need a little fuss. But every cat owners know the truth — that classic 5 am wake up call is a clear sign a kitty is craving some human attention.

By letting them stay home with a pet sitter instead of taking them to a cattery, they’ll have access to one-to-one attention and affection, if they so choose to be indulged. As well as providing plenty of ear scratches and a cosy lap to curl up on, sitters are also able to keep a close eye on your kitty’s health, so there’s no need to worry while you’re away.

4. Keep the furry family together…

Cat lovers have big hearts, which is why so many of us have more than one pet. Of course, this means that when we travel we have to find suitable pet care for each family member.

As well as being expensive, this usually leads to parting your pets which can be distressing for everyone; believe it or not, your cat quite likes the company of his brother, Barry the Beagle. Fortunately, pet sitters are the perfect cattery alternative for such scenarios, as your whole furry family can be kept happy at home together.

5. The kindest and most cost-effective alternative to catteries...

While most boarding services charge, there are free pet sitters near you who care for cats purely for the love of pets. They’re the alternative to catteries that not only let you keep cash in the kitty, but travel knowing your feline is enjoying fuss and attention from a genuine pet lover.

The safest way to find a free cat sitter you can trust is to become a member of TrustedHousesitters. Made up of pet lovers around the world, your annual membership will help you meet the perfect people to keep your moggy purring whenever you’re away.

Watch our short video explaining how to find a pet sitter with the wonderful world of TrustedHousesitters — the kind and caring alternative to catteries and kennels.

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